A Brief Guide to Halo Infinite PC

One of the hottest games to come to PC by 2021 (or the holiday season of 2020) is none other than Halo Infinite. This is the newest installment in the Halo universe is considered the “most ambitious” one ever created by 343 Industries.

As the next logical step in furthering Master Chief’s story, Halo Infinite promises twice the size of the two previous Halo games released to the public. Apart from the more expansive world, the new game also features a new range of gadgets and weapons.


If you have long been waiting for this installment to drop, you’ll do well to familiarize yourself with what this title has to offer. Below are major details surrounding this game, including it's storyline, release date, and special features. Read on to learn more.

A Brief Guide to Halo Infinite PC

Getting to Know Halo Infinite for PC

Halo Infinite is developed by 343 Industries and published by Microsoft Studios. It is an upcoming video game that follows Halo 5: Guardians and will continue to highlight the story of Master Chief and his journey through Zeta Halo, one of the only remaining rings in existence. 

While there is limited info released by the company, one thing’s for sure: Master Chief will star as the game’s protagonist. Meanwhile, the Banished is slated to return to the screen as the main enemies in the game, with the team of antagonists led by a war chief named, Escharum.


Although this might be the case, the Halo Infinite world will reportedly be building on the world left by Cortana, especially after the fifth installment seemingly set up Cortana to be the villain in the future. 

What Makes Halo Infinite Special: Interesting Features 

Besides the shift in it's storyline, Halo Infinite’s move to a new Slipspace game engine also allows the 343 Industries team to introduce a variety of features and ideas to boost the gameplay. 

Among the apparent changes (based on the trailer) is the visual upgrade over other previous games in the Halo universe. A quick look at the released graphics and videos tells us that there are also more detailed and immersive environments.


The open-world plan, while being present, does not veer away from the storyline intended to be followed. It does, however, present players with more freedom to explore the different places within the game, a feature that was not present in previous iterations. 

New Gadgets and Weapons

A Brief Guide to Halo Infinite PC
Image Source: IGN

Apart from the bigger world that Master Chief is expected to explore, Halo Infinite also introduces new gadgets and weapons aimed to be utilized by the main character. One of these is the grappling hook, which is said to be a possible upgrade for the chief. 

The grappling hook is a highly versatile tool in the game. It enables the Chief to pull enemies closer, to safely climb various areas, or to obtain hard-to-reach items. 

Alongside the presence of the grappling hook is the drop shield, both of which are a homage of sorts to the equipment system of Halo 3. New weapons, such as a UNSC rifle and shotgun, two Banished-based plasma weapons, a revolver, and many others, also make their debut in the game. 

Upgraded skins are also expected to grace the screen. Of course, in keeping with the multiplayer trend, Halo Infinite will also come with a split-screen mode for a cooperative play which can be enjoyed by two players. It's online mode, on the other hand, allows up to four players to participate. 

The Bottom Line

Details on Halo Infinite may be limited at the moment, but this information is certainly enough to keep PC players on their feet. With these fascinating features and even more exciting gameplay, players are sure to be in for a treat once this title drops.