Monster Lab DS – Best Ingredients and Parts in the Game

Imagine a world where you can create monsters, battle against other creatures, and engage in different experiments. If you’re a science geek, chances are you’re going to have endless fun playing Monster Lab with your ever-convenient and accessible Nintendo DS.

Fans of the monster and Dr. Frankenstein will certainly have a grand time playing this video game. As a matter of fact, one can even say this is a reimagining of sorts that takes monsters and creatures – as well as recipe creation – to a whole new level. 


Set in the eerie universe of Uncanny Valley, Monster Lab allows players to go through a series of mini-games and free villagers by taking on challenging experiments and finding the best ingredients. For those who want to play this game, take a look at what this article has to offer. 

Monster Lab DS – Best Ingredients and Parts in the Game

What Makes Monster Lab DS Special – Best Ingredients and Parts

There are over 150 Monster Lab parts in the game, allowing gamers to create creepy monsters that take on one-of-a-kind appearances and skills. To find suitable ingredients and make powerful creations, gamers must scour the land and varying environments. 

Ingredients are the most essential aspects of the game. These are used to create parts, such as the arms, legs, torso, heads, and more of the monster in question. 


These ingredients, however, can only be obtained after finishing each mini-game or battle

After surpassing such challenges, players will be given parts that, when combined, will create a special skill that can improve the monster’s overall ability. Some of the best ingredients to get your hands on, are the following.

Clown Shoes

This is one of the six rare ingredients that can be traded with a number of traders. This is a type of mechanical ingredient, meaning this may be powered by steam or gears and may take on a shiny and futuristic appearance. 


Mechanical ingredients bear stronger attacks when faced against biological ingredients or parts. 

To make a Rousty Head part, this key ingredient must be present. The Rousty Head is a mechanical clown head that bears sharp teeth with red and black eyes. Its main attacks are fire bursts that target all parts of the enemy with a downward block defense.

Rotten Fish

The Rotten Fish part is a type of biological ingredient. Biological ingredients are more powerful than alchemical parts. Typically made of living parts, these are normally fashioned after living things made of human or animal flesh.

Rotten Fish is a key ingredient in making Triton-based parts such as the Triton Arm. This dark blue arm bears a mixture of blue and green covering. 

It has the capacity to damage both the enemy’s head and torso because of its radioactive properties. 

Stag Beetle

Yet another rare and key ingredient that gives one of the strongest Monster Lab parts on the Nintendo DS is the Stag Beetle. This ingredient is derived from the alchemical Mad Science that allows monsters to gain magical parts or components.

The Stag Beetle is used to create the alchemical arm called the Ancient Knife. This is a bandaged mummy arm that comes with a gold pad and a golden blade. 

This targets the enemy’s left and right arms with its powerful Haymaker and Back Knuckle attacks. As an alchemical part, it is the only type of weapon that can defeat mechanical parts or ingredients. 

Monster Lab DS – Best Ingredients and Parts in the Game

The Bottom Line

The Monster Lab game takes on a unique process that seeks players to use only the best ingredients. By exploring this particular feature, you’ll have the ability to fashion strong and powerful creatures unlike any other, making you see why this title is one of the most underrated DS games ever created.