Star Fox Command - A Guide to the DS Game

Star Fox Command is a sci-fi shooter game created by Nintendo featuring personified animals as main characters for its consoles, such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Wii U. 

Star Fox was released in 1993, and it broke the 1990s technical barriers with the revolutionary Super FX chip and pioneered the simulated three-dimensional graphics. 


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Star Fox Command - A Guide to the DS Game
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Background Info

Before the original 1993 game, the Star Fox series first made presence as a comic book series published by Nintendo Power magazine, chronicling a continuing narrative series of adventures. 

Initially, in the first Star Fox, Fox McCloud, the main character, and his team face the evil forces of Emperor Andross as they battle their way through the Lylat System to put the emperor's madness to an end. 


Since it's initial launch, it has come a long, long way to its present version, Command – the first Star Fox for handheld – supports the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection making it the first online Star Fox game. 

Star Fox Command

The main quest starts with Fox McCloud attempting to defend the galaxy from aliens known as the Anglar. The Anglar Emperor plans to destroy the Lylat system, their home galaxy, which Fox McCloud and his crew set out to save. 

There are nine possible endings to the story, and it will depend on the paths chosen by the player. Among the series, Command has the most number of playable characters with fourteen in total. 


These characters include Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Krystal, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, Wolf O'Donnell, Panther Caroso, Leon Powalski, Bill Grey, Katt Monroe, and James McCloud. 


Set in the Lylat system, the game map is similar to Star Fox 64, but Command's battle mode resembles the "all-range mode" used for specific bosses and levels in Star Fox 64. 

Like Star Fox 2, the game is entirely all-range as opposed to the "on-rails" levels found in most other Star Fox games, though occasionally the game can require the player to participate in traditional "chase" missions to complete an objective. 

Star Fox Command introduces the map mode, where the player takes full control of several ships. This mode is a simple strategy game, turning the chosen ships to battle mode. The main objective is to fight the enemy ships and prevent them from reaching the Great Fox. 


Star Fox Command - A Guide to the DS Game
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There are five stages in the game. These stages are randomly chosen, and they are accessible to both multiplayer and single-player modes. City is one stage, and the buildings are intangible, but if flown through, it may cause damage. 

The mountain stage is set in the green countryside of canyons and rivers. Ocean is a flat arena above water, owing to the lack of high artifacts. This one is tagged as the easiest for this map can be monitored quite quickly.

Space is placed somewhere in the area, as the name suggests. Except for individual stars, there are no artifacts at all here. Mountains of Fichina is set in Mountains of snow on Fichina, as the map suggests. 


Star Fox Command is exclusive to Nintendo platforms: Nintendo DS, Wii U. The game supports six players in local multiplayer wireless matches via DS Download Play and three Nintendo Wi-Fi Link players. 

If you've been following the series since your early childhood, or whether you're as about to set your foot to this new adventure, you can get this game by looking it up online.