Find Out the Best Method to Obtain Legendary Weapons in Outriders

Cannot get enough of the new shooting game Outriders? Brought to our screens with fun gameplay, cool characters, and abilities, not to mention the awesome range of weapons.

Some questions that pop up with this kind of exciting game are, “Tips to last longer in the game,” or “How to get the best weapons?”


Legendary weapons are the best weapons you can find in Outriders. And how do you get these rare, powerful weapons with high tiers? Keep reading to find out more.

  • About Outriders
  • Storyline and Characters
  • Weapons in Outriders
  • How to Get Legendary Weapons
  • More Things You Should Definitely Know
Find Out the Best Method to Obtain Legendary Weapons in Outriders
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About Outriders

Outriders is a shooting game that combines both third-person and role-playing dynamics. It follows the same “hunting and killing the bad guys” regime, but what makes it a tad bit different is the plot, gameplay, and the abilities of the weapons and characters you have to unravel.

Find Out the Best Method to Obtain Legendary Weapons in Outriders
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Before its release, its developer, People Can Fly, worked on the game for six years, and with the support of the publisher, Square Enix, it came to fruition. The game was released on the 1st of April, 2021.


The game turned out to be such a hit that even the demo released in February 2020 had two million players.

The game is currently available on platforms like the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and Microsoft Windows. Let’s hope it will grace our mobile screens soon.


In Outriders, you create your avatar or character between one of four classes of abilities. The abilities would be discussed later in the article.


Your character explores the storyline or campaign with increasing difficulty as you progress. There are also side missions you can play to farm weapons and other cool stuff. By killing the bad guys which include humans and monsters, you replenish your health and stand a chance to pick up weapons or armor from them.

Non-payable characters, or NPC, are also incorporated into the storyline at different stages and are useful components of the game. In all, as you progress through the game, you unlock more difficulty, get new skills and upgrades for your characters, and stand chances of picking up the best weapons in the game to crush your enemies.

Storyline and Characters

Although the plot of the game has been criticized a bit, it is still full of ideas and carefully thought out. It is staged in the middle of the 21st century where climatic disasters have taken over the world, making it unsafe to live in.

Find Out the Best Method to Obtain Legendary Weapons in Outriders
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The government devised ways of sending the rest of humankind to a planet they felt would be safer. How wrong they turned out to be!

The first set of people sent to the planet Enoch discovered an Anomaly and the people who survived were mutated with abilities, like the ones your characters will have.

The rest of the elite soldiers, the Outriders, who survived are tasked with saving the rest of the human race that is coming to the seemingly “better planet.” Working together with a team of scientists, the Outriders must find the Anomaly and destroy it to make the planet safe.


There are no pre-built characters in the game per se, as you must build your character yourself at the start of the game. That said, you create a character and choose from one of the four classes which would determine the kind of abilities and upgrades you can use throughout the game.

The classes include the Pyromancer, armed with the ability to manipulate fire; the Trickster, who can control time and use it to their will; the Devastator, able to unleash seismic attacks; and the Technomancer, which uses turrets and other cool devices.

Choosing a class shouldn't be rushed into. These classes are suited for different gameplays as different abilities give different results. Careful consideration of the classes and how they can work for you helps your character and the overall success of the character.

Weapons in Outriders

There are different types of weapons sets in the game, part of which, makes the game exciting. Unfortunately, every weapon from each level cannot be explained in this article.

Find Out the Best Method to Obtain Legendary Weapons in Outriders
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But, they fall under a list of categories. They range from assault rifles to double guns to light machine guns, pistols, rifles, and pump-action shotguns.

Some of the best weapons released so far, in my opinion, are the Funeral Pyre (automatic shotgun), the Migraine (submachine gun), the Amber Vault (double gun), the Grim Marrow (light machinegun), the Iceberg (bolt action rifle), and of course, the Thunderbird (assault rifle).

Legendary Weapons

Legendary weapons are at the top of the five sets of levels in the game. The levels are, Common (level 1), Unusual (level 2), Rare (level 3), Epic (level 4), and Legendary (level 5) – the highest, coolest, and best weapons you can find.

Your selections of the best Legendary weapons are what matters.

How to Get Legendary Weapons

How then can you get your hands on these awesome weapons? Usually, to get weapons or armor in the game, you are expected to take down an enemy, and taking down tougher enemies grants chances for better loot.

Find Out the Best Method to Obtain Legendary Weapons in Outriders
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Other known ways to receive weapons are by finding them in chests, purchasing them from vendors, and earned as rewards from quests.

Another way to get Legendary items and weapons is to increase your world tier to the highest difficulty: World Tier 15. As mentioned earlier, the higher the strength and difficulty of enemies to defeat, the higher your chances of obtaining Legendary weapons.

With this increased difficulty, you stand a +425% chance of getting Legendaries. Depending on how powerful you are at the time, this increase becomes very challenging to play the game, but the rewards are worth it.

Where to Find Legendary Weapons

Okay, there are several places to get or to farm Legendary weapons. Let us start with Expeditions, which are end-game missions where the drop rate for Legendary weapons is based on how fast you complete the mission, and your challenge tier. Again, your challenge tier must be high to increase your chances.

By far, this is the quickest place to farm for legendary weapons and items in general. But, the chances are so random, with the highest chance at challenge tier 15, being only 25%. Side missions are good places to obtain Legendries of which you stand higher chances of getting them.

Side quests you should stay on the lookout for the captain and marksmen from Terra Infirma, The Outriders' Legacy, the Big Iron hidden totems when exploring the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk, and finally, the Historian, Hunter, and Wanted quest lines. By visiting vendor Tiago at the end game, you also get to buy Legendary weapons.

More Things You Should Definitely Know

The Hunter and Wanted quests are especially worth highlighting as side quests because, at the end of each 10-mission battle, you are given a Legendary item.

Find Out the Best Method to Obtain Legendary Weapons in Outriders
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The Hunter quest gives you Legendary armor while the Wanted quests earn you a Legendary weapon. We will focus on the Wanted quests since it fetches weapons.

True, this is a long process of getting Legendary weapons. Plus, if you have your highest difficulty turned on, it is much harder. The good news is that you can always hit “Reset Quest” after completing the Wanted quest to start over knowing that you will receive a Legendary weapon at the end.

Expeditions contain random chances and are not a guaranteed way of getting Legendaries. But, you are also be given Drop Pod Resources which are pretty useful in purchasing Legendaries, as well as other items relevant to your level.

Tips for Success

For beginners, or for players that have not gotten to a high level yet, one piece of advice: chill. Sure, it is pretty awesome to start using these bad boys early on, but Legendary weapons are pretty expensive to maintain by way of upgrades, so the best thing to do even if you get them is to dismantle them.

This will save you Titanium and the best part is that you can keep those high mods: mod 2 and 3 for later when you get another Legendary weapon. That will be more effective and make you more powerful.

For high-level gurus, one tip for the Wanted quest is to start with the lowest difficulty, World Tier 1, and saving one level. By doing this, you will kill enemies quicker and finish nine levels like a breeze. Saving a beginning level is the best choice for you when you eventually increase your difficulty level.


Enjoying Outriders by knowing how and where to find Legendary weapons makes playing the game that much more fun.

By working hard to level up, or by finding them in strategic areas of the game, you too can get your hands on some epic weapons and begin killing enemies with ease, making the 'new planet' a safe place for humanity.