Learn How To Get Rewards In Valheim

Ever wonder what it feels like to live in a world where warriors and fallen ancient gods roam around? Valheim is the perfect game to satisfy your craving for some Norse-centric Viking action and adventure. 

As a battle-slain warrior, you are dropped immediately into the center of a purgatory-like world where you get a second chance at life, but this time, you will be amongst the many fallen creatures and ancient gods.


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  • Bring Order To A World Of Chaos
  • Getting Rewards In Valheim
  • Get Better At Playing Valheim
  • Train Your Skills
  • Understanding Biomes
Learn How To Get Rewards In Valheim
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Bring Order To A World Of Chaos

Valheim is a survival massively multiplayer online game where you get to play a slain warrior sent to Valheim, where your task is to protect the world from ancient gods and bring order to a world full of chaos. 

Learn How To Get Rewards In Valheim
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You start at the middle of everything with nothing but your bare hands and work your way to becoming a masterful warrior that can defeat terrifying creatures and bosses. Join forces together with other players in a Co-Op PVE of up to 20 players as you brave the harsh and unpredictable land. 


Choose from a wide array of weapons to craft and use in battle or build ships and sail across seas to discover new lands. You may even want to settle down and build your settlement with your outpost or even build your farm and raise some animals.

Summon powerful and vengeful bosses and collect rewards to craft even more powerful items. Hunt down creatures for loot or travel through different biomes and discover hidden crypts and dungeons.

Downloading Valheim

Valheim is developed by Iron Gate Studios and published by Coffee Stain Studios and is currently under Early Access on Steam for PC. To download the game, log in to Steam and purchase the game to join the Early Access.


At this point, there is still no full released date announced for the game so far.

Getting Rewards In Valheim

Progress in Valheim can be pretty tricky, especially for new players. Many would want to head out in the open and clear some mobs in the area, but that is not the best way to progress and level up. There are far better ways to progress and earn rewards in the process.

Learn How To Get Rewards In Valheim
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Even at the start of the game, Valheim is very different from the usual MMOs in that it periodically reminds you that there are certain bosses in the game that will give you rare items and rewards for beating them. 

As soon as you have gathered enough equipment and weapons, you can finally take on bosses for their rewards. Bosses are usually summoned at their altar, and you will need to place some items as sacrifices to summon them. Killing a boss would reward you with a trophy and several other rare items in the game. 

The trophies you collect can be placed on the sacrificial altar to provide you with some special abilities in the game and help you progress in the game, such as opening up new biomes. 

Summon Bosses, Collect Rewards

The first boss you face is Eikthyr, where you can summon him by placing two deer trophies on the altar at the Meadow. Upon beating Eikthyr, you will receive hard antlers, Eikthyr Trophy, and a stamina buff as a reward. 

The Elder is the second boss that you can summon by burning three ancient seeds, and defeating the Elder would reward you with swamp keys, an Elder trophy, and an ability that will increase your wood chopping skills. Bonemass is the third boss wherein you get to use the swamp key you got from the Elder to access the swamp crypts where you can summon him. 

Defeating Bonemass will reward you with a Wishbone and increased resistance to physical damage. Defeating the last two bosses, Moder and Yagluth, will earn you Dragon tears, an ability to have faster sails, and increased resistance to elemental attacks.

Get Better At Playing Valheim

Valheim embodies the true survival sandbox MMO that everyone is looking forward to, from gathering resources to building your encampment. This is just one of the many reasons why Valheim has been one of the most successful games to come out in recent years, even if it is just in its early months. 

Learn How To Get Rewards In Valheim
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For those who want to learn more about Valheim, here are some tips and tricks to help you get better at the game. Naturally, the first thing you need to do once you spawn into the game is gathering resources. 

Two of the most important resources in the game, especially at the start, are wood and stone. With wood and stone, you can craft your basic tools, which can also serve as weapons. Gather wood from branches on the ground or by punching bushes, while stones can be picked up. 

Use them to craft tools so you can start making progress in this game. These tools will help you build yourself a shelter to protect yourself from the elements in the game.

Crafting New Tools

Learning to craft new tools is linked to gathering new resources. You will notice that the first time you encounter wood or stone in this game, it will unlock the ability to craft the essential tools, so don't worry about learning everything at once. 

All you need to do is to slowly progress in the game by learning new things one step at a time. One of the common mistakes of new players is that they want to explore and experience everything at once. 

Do not make this mistake and instead focus on slowly progressing with your tools towards unlocking new recipes one at a time. You don't need to fill up all of your inventory in one go.

Train Your Skills

Valheim has a very specific approach to leveling up your skill. Unlike many other MMOs where you put skill points to upgrade the specific skill, Valheim takes the classic approach of training your skills to make it better. There is no easy way to train your skills than to do it yourself.

Learn How To Get Rewards In Valheim
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Level your skill by performing the same ability repeatedly until you are satisfied with either its power or speed. The choice is really up to you whether you want to focus on chopping down wood fast enough or be better at fishing.

Don't Forget To Repair

Since you will be spending a lot of time chopping down wood or mining, there is a good chance that it will slowly degrade the quality of your tools. This is also highly probably if you are training your new skills, especially with weapons. 

You can check out the health bar of each item by looking at the white bar below the inventory once you select the item.

In Valheim, repairing your tools, gear, weapons, and other items come for free. All you have to do is to do it yourself. You can repair any item in the game by setting up a forge and workbench, all for free.

Understanding Biomes

Knowing the different biomes in Valheim is game-changing. If you understand what each biome presents and how it affects your gameplay, it will change the way you would play the game. 

Learn How To Get Rewards In Valheim
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For instance, gathering resources is different in every biome, and facing different enemies will also change depending on your biome. Copper and tin can only be found in the Black Forest where trolls live. 

This changes the way you would play the game as you would have to be more careful in strolling around this biome to avoid getting ravaged by trolls. 

Additionally, each biome also contains different structures, which means you can explore and would likely discover different crypts and dungeons in specific biomes.

Work For Rewards

You can do almost everything and anything in Valheim. There is no way to be perfect in this game; the only objective here is to survive and prosper.

However, that does not mean that there are no proper goals to play towards in this game. As mentioned above, there are bosses as your main goals that you can work towards. These bosses are not your typical low-level bosses where you can just run around them.

All the bosses in Valheim are equally terrifying and difficult to deal with. However, they also provide you with great rewards. Each of them provides a unique drop, so it is always best to prepare, train, and work for your rewards.


Valheim offers some of the best simulations. Players even check out the direction of the wind, which affects how you sail your boat or the way you hunt animals for food and resources. 

It is important that you understand that Valheim acts pretty much like in the real world, and it is then that you will see how awesome and spectacular this survival MMO is.