How to Get Rewards on Outriders

The gaming industry has stayed pretty unfazed by the recent world events, and better yet, it has even grown in the last two years. Per the statistics, the world market was capped at $162 billion in 2020 and this year that number is expected to grow 10.5% or approximately $300 billion in the next 5 years.

Experts say there has been an overall surge in the consumption of all types of games, on all formats and devices, all over the world! Role-playing games are gaining traction like the one called Outriders, released in April 2021.


In this article, we will attempt to share with you all the information related to Outriders, how the game is played, and how you can get rewards in the game. Read on!

  • All About Outriders
  • How to Play Outriders
  • Creating a Squad
  • Reviews of the Game
How to Get Rewards on Outriders
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All About Outriders

Outriders is an action-packed role-playing video game that was released by developer People Can Fly (now known as Epic Games) and published by a sub-company of Square Enix. You can play the game on all major consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, among others. What makes this game stand apart is its gameplay.

How to Get Rewards on Outriders
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Just like Fantastic Four, a movie; you can create a team of four highly skilled characters that have special abilities. These are – the Trickster, one who can “trick” time, Pyromancer – one who can play with fire, the Devastator who can unleash impactful attacks, and Technomancer, the one who is handy with high tech gadgets among other things.


The idea revolves around the fact that the team travels to different worlds (as per difficulty level attained or chosen) and defeats both humans and monsters.

Players can engage inside short missions that do not affect the main gameplay. Also, you can use various weapons, upgrade skills, and rejuvenate or regain full health along the way.

How to Download

Downloading the game is fairly simple across platforms. If you have Xbox, simply go to the Microsoft store located on the left bottom bar on the dashboard. Next, use the search magnifier glass to type out the name of the game. Click on the Outriders cover to begin the download.


For PlayStation gamers, follow the normal process of searching for anything on your console. On the search bar type out the name of the game and click the download button.

For the Windows PC lovers, go on to the Steam website and download the game. You may have to purchase directly from their website and the cost will depend on the country of your residence. Do make sure that you have the system required to run this game before you so choose to buy it online.

How to Play Outriders

To start with, make sure you have an open mind about all the four characters provided to you. Yes, you will find yourself favoring the Devestator, for example, but as you play, you might end up with a strategy that works best for the Technomancer. Use each one and find out your mojo first with the demo.

How to Get Rewards on Outriders
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Next, you start with a solo prologue (which you cannot skip anyways), to test out your weapons with a combination of the characters at all the same time. Next, go to the gear section and understand everything that you own and wear, from head to toe. Select the right gun for each fight.

On the way to the towns and dirty roads, you will find bounties on the wall, use the log to add them to the “to-do list”.

Complete those tasks to take out monsters and the bloody zombies and you never know, you might just be rewarded for the excellent work.

Earning Rewards

To earn rewards during the gameplay, you need to clear the world tiers in chronological order. Each tier is based on a certain difficulty level and the rewards are given accordingly.

To claim rewards from a completed world tier, simply go to the menu option and locate the claim tab, press it, and voila!

Creating a Squad

Please note that all the players wanting to create a squad must first complete the game’s prologue. It is about 60 minutes long and you will have to complete it by yourself to be able to unlock the multiplayer option. Here you can even try the four skilled characters discussed earlier, up to level 7.

How to Get Rewards on Outriders
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Once you run the game, open the main menu and click on the “Play with friends” option. You will have the ability to add up to three people in the multiplayer format. On the right-hand side, you will be able to see your friend list, and clicking on any one of them will send them an invite to join.

If you wish to play with friends who are on other platforms, for example, if you are on Xbox and your friends are on PC, simply go to the main menu and enable the “Crossplay” button under the gameplay tab.

Next, press “Generate your game code” and share it with your friends who can join using the same code.

Tips for Success

Normally the best way to heal is to take cover, right? Well not for Outriders! You should know the ways that each of your ninjas heal and use that tactic to succeed. For example, Devastators and Tricksters rejuvenate by killing enemies in close combat. Pyromancers heal when others burn from their fire & Technomancers heal by dealing damage.

When you encounter an “Altered” (by some deformity), you will see that a yellow bar over them is filling up. Do not let it get full or they will use a powerful attack on you which will be threatening for your survival. Instead, disrupt it with your skills, better yet use melee attacks as a counteroffensive.

Another great yet simple tip is to keep moving and not get stuck in a cover for too long. A lot of players think that hiding is the best strategy, but unfortunately, they are wrong. When you keep moving, you do not allow your enemy to flank and surround you to death, instead, keep them guessing your next move.

Reviews of the Game

While the creators make every game with their heart, soul, and wallet, it may or may not pan out the same way as desired, for the customers. Outriders is one game that has been both loved and mocked at the same time so whether you should go for the game or not is your call.

How to Get Rewards on Outriders
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Gamers who love action and cinematic gameplay have commended the developers for a good release. With easy to maneuver weapons, seamless use of special skills by characters on their enemies, and its overall graphics, the game is a must-have for any role-playing action game fan.

The customization options are the cherry on the cake. Some have touted the game to be the best released in 2021 so far in terms of having a “meaty storyboard” and an amazing campaign to try all the four characters in the gameplay. Also, the demo version of the game gives a sneak peek of what to expect before you buy it.

Surprisingly, many professionals who pre-tested the game liked the script and the plot of the game. Apart from that the gore and the carnage that the characters seamlessly create along the way is also applauded. Lastly, even the harshest of critics has credited the publishers for a quick fix to server issues.


Many serious gamers have accused Outriders to be a “cheap copy of Destiny”, trying to emulate the gameplay and the semantics. These players think that the game is a dud and they would rather play a re-run of Destiny and Gears of War.

The initial release days of the game got negative vibes around the world from gamers due to rampant server crashes immediately after the release. Not only did it rub the gamers the wrong way but also the professionals who review games as they're released or pre-released. No wonder they tagged the game as “low-value looter-shooter”.

Another issue raised by gamers is that for even a solo play of the prologue, one requires an internet connection. This seemingly did not go down well with many given that the demo is made mandatory to complete to start a co-op in the first place. They have suggested that an offline progression would have been enough.

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It has only been one month since the game was released worldwide and the kind of buzz it has created is massive. From the early issues to being dubbed as the best third-person shooter game this year to the worst loot-shoot waste of time, People Can Fly’s Outriders has heard it all.

However, it also means that everyone has already tried the game once before concluding. Start with the demo and progress accordingly. Do it for the genre and gameplay, and do it for Outriders. You won’t regret it.