How to Obtain Divine Form in Skyforge

There are many MMO games available, and Skyforge is deemed by many as one of the best MMOs around. This game is free to download to your PC and will provide you with hours of enjoyable game playing.

Skyforge has a good story and outstanding visuals. It is a game with an ultimate goal – to obtain Divine Form and be a god - and the route to this can be very enjoyable and exciting.


If Skyforge is not known to you, read on to learn how to play, how to become a god, and how to download the game.

  • About Skyforge
  • Missions in the Game
  • Tips to Advance in Skyforge
  • Switch Classes
  • Increase Prestige by Upgrading Gear
  • Use the Power of Your Enemies
How to Obtain Divine Form in Skyforge
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About Skyforge

Skyforge is a free-to-play massively multiplayer game that you play online. It is a role-playing game and set on the planet Aelion. In the visuals and storyline, Skyforge fuses elements from science fiction and fantasy.

How to Obtain Divine Form in Skyforge
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Players explore the world on Aelion as immortals. Each player aims to become a god and defend the planet from alien invasions. The game had an open release for Microsoft Windows in July 2015, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox-One releases in 2017.


As a Skyforge player, you assume the role of an immortal. You have incredible celestial powers. With these powers, you have to assist in protecting the planet Aelion from invaders. These invaders threaten the planet and everyone on the planet.

In this game, it is nice to be an immortal and to fight the enemy, but the ultimate goal is to achieve divinity. You want to ascend to the ranks of a god and unlock your Divine Form. Then you’ll have improved stats and a new character look. And you will have ultimate abilities.

The Story

In the Skyforge universe, gods derive their powers from their followers. Earlier civilization flourished on Aelion. It was a free world protected by Aeli, a greater god. The story begins, when Aeli has vanished. He has left behind a world of followers. These followers are only protected by immortals and a few remaining lesser gods.


You are one of these immortals. Hostile gods and aliens from neighboring planets attack Aelion and its population. You start in the capital of Aelion as an immortal, and Herida, a goddess and advisor to the immortals, informs you that the immortals have been brought back to life after an attack by the Reapers of Death.

You then choose a starting class and undergo training, combat guides, and character customization. Now you can tackle combat missions around Aelion. You can fight off invaders like the Reapers of Death, the Mechanoids who are mechanical invaders, the botanical Phytonides, the Oceanids who are amphibious creatures, the serpentine Gorgonides, and the Demons.

Missions in the Game

On Aelion many missions have to be undertaken and various locations visited. The game’s hub is Aelion’s capital, which contains three important locations.

How to Obtain Divine Form in Skyforge
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The Divine Observatory is where you take on missions. Through a hologram globe you also visit different locations, and when needed, participate in player-versus-player battles.

Each location has different objectives, enemies, and storylines. At the Research Center, you can train, or try different classes. You can also change the appearance of your character here.

In the Park, you explore and sometimes host events like Halloween and Christmas.  You can also team up with other players online for larger missions and raids.

The Prestige System

In this game, character progression is not level-based. It doesn’t have the traditional leveling format. A ‘Prestige’ system is introduced in Skyforge. With this system, a player’s advance is based on the total stats and progression.

There are 17 classes between which you can switch to enhance your development. You can do it at any time in the game. As you get more Prestige, you unlock followers, gear, and content.

Once you’ve become a god an additional progression system comes into play which allows you to manage your followers. With the right management, they can increase their character's overall power.

Tips to Advance in Skyforge

Before you even start with great missions and expeditions in the game you must understand how Skyforge works. The better you understand the basic game and the different aspects of the game, the sooner you will learn to play well. And you have to play well to obtain Divine Form.

How to Obtain Divine Form in Skyforge
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Start with the Tutorial Mission and pay attention to the detail. Take your time and ensure that you understand everything.

The tutorial includes the story character comments and tips on the side of the screen.

Remember you can play with friends. You can group up with them after you’ve finished the tutorial part of the game.

Enjoy the Game

Enjoy the game from the beginning and don’t wait until you’ve reached Divine Form to really enjoy the game. The story is about the liberation of settlements and encampments from enemy invaders.

Enjoy all the campaigns you go on in the process. You will also uncover mysterious forces at work in the game.

You unlock new bastions with your campaign progression. Every campaign brings you nearer to your goal of Divine Form. The more you enjoy the campaigns, the more campaigns you will undertake, and the faster you’ll get to your end goal.

Switch Classes

You need to acquire resources to unlock the temples of different game classes. Currently, there are 11 classes to unlock in total. Each class serves a special purpose, and in Skyforge you don’t have to stay in one class.

How to Obtain Divine Form in Skyforge
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Remember, you don’t have to create a new character for every specialization, you just select the class you want.

You can instantly change from a Berserker to a Warlock or a Slayer, etc. This makes the gameplay diverse and very flexible. You deal with the opponents by adjusting your class to the situation.

When you start you’ll have to choose from the three starting classes — Cryomancer (DPS), Paladin (Tank), and Lightbinder (Support). The best is to learn to play with all three of them.

Know Your Stats

In Skyforge, you gain Prestige and not levels. Prestige indicates your viability as an immortal or god. You gain it by acquiring additional Might, and more powerful equipment.

You need these to stand out amongst the many Aelion immortals. And you want your followers to worship you as the most prestigious immortal or god.

Your Might and character stat multipliers that come from your equipment determine your Prestige. So work on it!

Increase Prestige by Upgrading Gear

In this game your equipment is in different quality levels, namely: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

How to Obtain Divine Form in Skyforge
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The Uncommon and Rare equipment are available when you start with the game. You get Uncommon items by participating in the main adventures, and Rare items by participating in group adventures activities.

Your Epic and Legendary equipment are available when you’ve battled against raid bosses and other advanced battles. Spend time on obtaining the best equipment. Good equipment makes your route to divinity very enjoyable.

Also, looted weapons can help you to do a lot of damage. Don’t underestimate or ignore looted weapons.

Increase Your Might

You increase your Might level in three different buildings, namely The Cathedral, the Tower of Knowledge, and Bastions. The first two you can access by using the “Capital” tab on your Campaign map. The biggest increase in Might is granted by Bastions.

There are eight Bastions. You’ll find a Bastion in every region of the campaign map. You unlock them when you’ve completed all the main adventures of the region.

Bastions are important as they give you access to special quests. After completion of a quest, your Might increases. You also earn additional bonuses and receive new active and passive abilities. It also increases your secondary stats.

Play with Friends

Skyforge is an MMO and you will have lots of fun when you play with friends. You can share experiences, explore together, and defeat tough enemies.

How to Obtain Divine Form in Skyforge
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Contact your friends to find buddies that are already playing Skyforge. You can also ask friends not involved, to join you. It is a free game so they won’t have to pay to join.

Skyforge also offers Pantheons, which is their version of a guild. You can join one or found one of your own. You can then level up the guilds to unlock more features. You earn features by adding more players to your ranks.

How to Download and Install

To play Skyforge you can download it for your PC from Steam.

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Skyforge is a very exciting online game and definitely one of the best MMOs available.

If you are a serious gamer and not yet part of the “Skyforge-family,” download it for your PC and start playing!