A Guide to the Best Features in the South Park Video Game

Released in 1998, the South Park video game was a treat to fans of the American animated sitcom, South Park. This was the first game in the South Park license, an exclusive for the Nintendo 64 until it was released for Microsoft Windows and Playstation in 1999. 

Both single and multiplayer options were released, where the players could use weapons to defeat various enemies and reach the exit point of each stage. 


The sense of humor and engagement in this game was well-matched with it's television series. If you are interested to know more about the amazing features South Park players enjoyed back in the day, you will find all the details in this article. Read on to learn more.

A Guide to the Best Features in the South Park Video Game
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Your Favorite South Park Characters

For those who enjoy watching South Park, being able to play as one of the characters from the adult animated show is definitely a very enticing offer. Players can enjoy the single-player mode by controlling one of the main South Park characters: Cartman, Kyle, Stan, or Kenny. 

The makers had a good grasp of the source material as all the characters were depicted quite well. In the game, aliens are trying to take over the town and it is up to the boys to stop them. 


You can choose who you want to play as but it does not affect much in terms of gameplay or storyline alternatives. However, a lot of effort was put in to customize sound clips as each character had a unique voice sample and dialogue set.

The South Park Video Game’s Captivating Storyline 

A re-creation of the sitcom’s opening sequence is re-enacted with 3D polygonal graphics in the game. The opening narration of this engaging video game reveals that a force of concentrated evil – a mysterious comet – is approaching Earth. 

As the comet comes closer, South Park is infested by enemies. These enemies include characters, such as alien visitors, rabid mutant turkeys, berserk robots, deformed clones of the townsfolk, and sentient killer toys. 


Popular South Park characters, Stan, Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny, get news of this from Chef and take up weapons to investigate sources of enemies and defend their town. Just like the sitcom, the South Park video game is undeniably clever and riotously funny.

Easy Controls

Played in a first-person perspective, players only have to worry about two control settings. The C-buttons are used for movement while the analog stick is used to aim and change directions. 

Other controls are traditional for the device. The camera buttons, for example, can be used for looking up and down and strafing.

Players can complete the assigned levels using these simple controls by reaching the exit before large enemies do. Failure to defeat the enemies will take the character to the “Tanks”, which is a mini-game called the “Penalty Round”.

Unrefined Jokes To Crack the Player Up

A Guide to the Best Features in the South Park Video Game
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In the game, there are some set-pieces that feel unrefined and jokes that ought to hit the floor. If you are easily offended, this game is not for you. 

However, those who enjoy this style of humor will have a great time playing the South Park video game. The game developers added plenty of details to fit the South Park universe.  

This is perhaps one of the few games that will allow players to make fart noises, and you can smash enemies with egg launchers and fart grenades! 


The South Park video game utilizes great combat gameplay, which keeps the players engaged. If you love the adult animated show, then you might like this first video game in the franchise as well. 

While these were some of the best features of 1998, if you can get your hands on it now you will be overwhelmed by a gush of nostalgia.