WWF War Zone - Discover the Coolest Features

Professional wrestling is huge entertainment. It, therefore, comes as no surprise to have a game dedicated to this great sport. WWF War Zone is a professional wrestling video game that was created by Iguana West. 

It was released in 1998 by Acclaim Entertainment for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and Game Boy. It features wrestlers from the WWF, which is now the WWE. 


Games that are based on wrestling have been progressing greatly over the years, and while WWF War Zone is similar to most other, it presents a package that is totally unmatched both in the atmosphere and gameplay. Read on to learn more about this classic game that changed wrestling games forever.

WWF War Zone - Discover the Coolest Features
Image Source: Den of Geek

Coolest Features of the Game

This game does qualify as the best wrestling game on the N64, and it features some of the biggest WWF stars, such as The Undertaker, Steve Austin, Mankind, Kane, The Rock, Ken Shamrock, and Triple H. 

There are also some hidden wrestlers who are also in the game and they form Mankind’s other personalities. There are many different modes in the game.


The Challenge Mode

This is the main mode and it puts your wrestler in a quest to win the championship. On the way, you will be challenged to grudge matches with the wrestlers you have wronged during your career in the video game. These grudges usually come in the form of two other game modes.

Caged Matches

These matches force you to beat up your opponent and then climb out of the cage while he is still looking too dazed to do anything about it. After winning the belt in the challenge mode, the game will continue with your defending the belt from the other challengers.

Royal Rumble

This is almost like the real royal rumble. You must try and throw your opponents over the top rope in order to eliminate them. There are more wrestlers who will come and try to take their place, although the maximum number of men who can be in the ring is 4. 


The Game Controls

This game is almost like any other wrestling game, but the controls have been carefully refined to the point of perfection. A complicated tie-up system keeps you doing low-damage moves time and again. 

While you will be required to use some button mashing in order to add damage to your holds, this remains at a minimum.

The Graphics

The graphics in the game are pretty great. Some of the characters, such as the Undertaker actually look eerily like the real-life wrestlers. Although a few of the others, such as Triple H do look a little weird, they still make the game extremely interesting.

The Sound

WWF War Zone - Discover the Coolest Features

The sound effects are what you will enjoy the most. With the Wrestler’s entrance music, the grunts and screams being the recorded versions of the real wrestlers. Although, the MIDI N64 is a little weak. 

The announcement team is made up of two men, and these are the voices of Jim Ross and Vince McMahon. The cartridge however lacks some storage space, which limits the number of phrases as compared to the PlayStation version of the game.


WWF War Zone is a great game that has lots of modes available for wrestling your favorite professional wrestlers. This is a classic game that changed the way the industry makes wrestling video games, and how we play these entertaining games.

This is a fun game for wrestling, and although it is just a game, you will get to really enjoy hearing the real voices of the wrestlers from the WWF.