The Best Characters in Glory of Heracles

Glory of Heracles is a role-playing video game published for the Nintendo DS. This game follows the adventures of a nameless hero who is immortal. In the game, he leads an enigmatic quintet of humans and immortals on a quest to reach Mount Olympus. 

On the way, this motley group engages in turn-based battles against mythological beasts, with magic spells thrown in for effect. The players face challenges of increasing difficulty as they visit towns, fight enemies, and make friends in the process. 

In the game, the main action takes place at the top of the screen while the player can choose commands at the bottom. You can use buttons to input the commands or use the stylus to control your character. Read on to learn about the best characters in Glory of Heracles.

The Best Characters in Glory of Heracles


There are many interesting monster attacks in the game, such as spewing smoke, and fire and ice attacks as well. You can obtain items on the way that you can use later to your advantage. 

An item called NtCurtn (night curtain) turns day into night. Another item called “Wings” can transport you back to any previously visited town. The weapons are specific to certain characters, so be careful when trying to get your hands on one. The Flare Bow and the Summon staff are cursed, so beware.  

If you acquire either of these by mistake, you can only have the curse removed by talking to an Oracle. Till the time that the curse is removed, you cannot change your weapons. This game has enough entertainment and challenges to keep you battling away. So, go ahead and try it out if you are interested.