MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries - A Brief Guide to the Game

After the success of MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat, the second follow up was MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries. It is the final BattleTech game and unlike MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy, Mercenaries is a standalone game. 

Unlike the original game, several improvements have been made including the use of an enhanced game that allows seamless multiplayer mode.


Although the plot of the game is a little ahead, the basics remain the same. So, if you are looking for a guide on MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries, then read on to learn more.

MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries - A Brief Guide to the Game

The Plot of MechWarrior2: Mercenaries

Mercenaries go from the year 3044 to 3052 and end with the Battle of Luthien. It is a prequel to its sister MechWarrior 2 games, which also includes missions that focus on invasion. 

Here, the players can be part of either of the four factions, the Federated Commonwealth (FC), the Draconis Combine (DC), the Free Rasalhague Republic (FRR), or ComStar (CS). 


The background plot describes how even the aftermath of the War of 3039, couldn’t stop the two great powers to push for another war. The players can also take up contracts by both sides and this game reintroduces few financial elements from the original MechWarrior


The missions include either helping or crushing uprisings by raiding, anti-pirate campaigns, and picking up fights against other merc units. And, all of these on behalf of the two great FC and DC respectively. 

Another popular mission that was brought back was winning the crown of Champion of Solaris in the Battlemech Games inside massive enclosed arenas. However, the buildup to the war suddenly comes to a dramatic halt as the clans invade. 


And now, you as a player, are thrust into battle. The players also return to the Inner Sphere and fight out some of the epic battles, like the Battle of Wolcott, along with the climactic Invasion of Luthien.

Brief Description of the Weapons Technology

Energy weapons use huge amounts of electricity produced by the Mech's reactor, and has the capability to fire without ammunition problems. However, your mech can mount some extra heat sinks to dissipate all the extra heat produced. 

Ballistic weapons limit the times it can be fired as it carries less ammunition and they also produce less heat. But, these are bulky too. I you don’t want to go for the bulkier weapons, the lighter ones would be better, but they come with less firepower. 

Missile weapons also use ammunitions, and don’t produce concentrated damage, unlike other weapons. The launcher can only fire a specified amount of missiles on a single go and produce moderate heat. 

Equipment includes a large variety of accessories that includes heat sinks, alternative armors, and Electronic Warfare suites. Also, the weapons are broadly divided into two categories: The inner Sphere and Clan weapons. 

How to Create a Powerful Mech

To build a powerful mech, start by choosing the chassis. This would help you determine the engine that would run the show for you. Also, don’t forget to add heat sinks to control the heat produced. 

Plus, allocating the maximum amount of armor would help you fight the battle better. Another important aspect that would help you create a strong mech is allocating some points at the rear torso, which would essentially help you get the better off your enemies especially when you are outnumbered. 


MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries - A Brief Guide to the Game
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When you start you can get contracts from both FC and DC without being censured by anyone of them. However, you can also take part in random missions, too. 

Here the missions would be computer-generated to fill gaps in between two campaigns. The random missions are generally centered around three objectives: recon, attack, and defend.


This is a game to play if you are into some mech combat games that revolve around a great story and is deep-rooted in missions.