Magic the Gathering Video Game - A Brief Guide

One of the main ideas of video games, since their inception has always been to help pass time. And, not many games have come to the level of this trading card game, like Magic the Gathering. 

You have up to 35 million players worldwide that have played this game as of December 2018. You can have a clear picture of how you can play the game when you read on. 


Info on the special features of the game and some of the best characters in the game can also be found here. Read on to learn more about the Magic the Gathering video game.

Magic the Gathering Video Game - A Brief Guide
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About Magic the Gathering

This game is more or less what you’re likely to come across if you’re playing Dungeons and Dragons. The game is about two or more players who engage in a battle. As a player, you get to start the game with at least 20 life points.

The gamers will start the game as part of two powerful wizards. The wizards are commonly referred to as planes-walkers. Each player in the game needs to have their own deck of cards. You can start with a previously constructed deck or it can be made of a pool of cards.


Critical Characters

The critical characters that this game has are the the wizards. They control the magic and the movement of the game. Plus, they can cast spells and summon the power of the magic colors.

Special Features

One of the features of the game that stands out is the colors of magic. You have around 5 colors of magic and each one represents a different set of features. Here’s a breakdown of them.

Red derives its power from the mountain and it represents fury, chaos, and warfare. The powers from this color are usually in line with fire and earth elements. You have the strongest spells with this color.


Black represents death, sacrifice, power, and corruption. The power for this magic is drawn from swamps. Blue represents logic, manipulation, and trickery. This magic pulls it's power from islands and the elements associated are water and air.

White is the color of peace and order, it can also represent the light. And, the power it has is drawn from the plains. Green is the color of life, and you have an indulgence, nature mana from forests, evolution among others.

The Objective of the Game

The main aim of the game is to win against the wizards that you’re playing against and there are a number of ways that you can win. You can use artifacts, summon creatures, and cast spells to win.

As stated above, you start the game with around 20 life points and that’s in the standard format of the game. When you lose all the points, then it is game over for you. Plus, you can play against more than just one other player to make the game interesting.

Platforms Available

Magic the Gathering Video Game - A Brief Guide
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It is no longer just a physical card game, you can find the game on consoles too, and you can play against players across the globe. The game is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and you can also get in on PC. You can also get the game on a mobile device as it is available for iPads.


When you’re playing a game, like Magic the Gathering, there are a number of things you need to look out for. Among them are the magic colors that will help you level up across the game. These are some of the best features of the game and how you can play this game today.