Magic: The Gathering iPhone Edition-How to Download and Play Puzzle Quest

You don’t have to be bored doing the same thing with your iPhone. If you are a gamer and have played traditional card games before, then you might like Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest game. It combines match-three role-playing game (RPG) and the old card game. 

In this game, you are tasked with collecting cards, building your deck, recruiting planeswalkers and gathering mana that will help you in deep PvP (player versus player) battles and events. This latest update of the game is even more expansive, ensuring your gaming pleasure.


It adds a weekly series of battles against decks made by other players. Each of these simple battles gives you a chance to win rare cards. Learn more.

Magic: The Gathering iPhone Edition-How to Download and Play Puzzle Quest
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How to Play

This game utilizes both card-based strategy and Gem matching to create a thrill that is hard to ignore; hence this game is addictive. You will match gems to release devastating attacks, summon creatures and cast spells. The challenge is on how you manage your decks. 

The game gives you the option of playing against computer-controlled foes or online opponents. This game combines trading card games with the simplicity of Match 3. Therefore, it requires that you come up with the best deck, and as you build your deck, you can also recruit powerful planeswalkers and build your spellbook to your case.


Understand the Matching Mechanics

In the match-three game, the relation of your matches with your attacks is indirect. In other words, when you match gems, you are adding mana to the chosen hero and will use the same mana to summon the next card you’ll be playing. There are other gems (based on color) that depend on the active planeswalker that may give you more or less mana per combo. 

Changing the Summoning order

All you need to do to change the summoning order is to tap your planeswalker and reorganize the cards to your liking. You know that it is the top card that is played next and the next card to be summoned is the second from the top. 

It would help if you decided when to summon which card when facing other players. Knowing when to summon which card could mean the difference between defeat and victory.


Level Up your Planeswalkers

As you advance and complete more battles, you empower your planeswalkers through their level-ups. However, if you have got enough currency, you can level your planeswalkers even quicker. Tap the yellow button by their level bar, and you automatically level your Planeswalkers. 

If you are currently stuck on a tough battle yet don’t have enough currency, you can grind it out on earlier completed battles and do the levelling up from there.

Daily Logins to get Rewards

As the game gets more interesting, you will want to play every day. It becomes even better because the more daily logins you have, the more rewards you get. It can reward you with mana bonuses and five-card booster packs (after five consecutive days of logging in). 

If you extend your daily login streak to a month, the rewards get even better and will give you an upper hand in the game. Since you are playing on the phone, you can log in even for just a few minutes. 

Vary Strategy Depending on Opponent

When you are playing with other players, you must have various strategies per opponent. This is because the strategy that works on one opponent might not necessarily apply to another opponent. Therefore, it’s OK to mix up your deck order and overall strategy; after all, having a mix of card types is the right general approach.

How to download

Since this game is to be played on your iPhone, you will need to download it from the App store. Look for Magic: Puzzle Quest icon or search for it in the search bar. When you get it, tap on it to download and install. 

Then you are free to start playing away. Remember you have to login daily to get more rewards which are more comfortable on the phone than consoles or PCs.

Magic: The Gathering iPhone Edition-How to Download and Play Puzzle Quest
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Last Remark

Magic: The Gathering-Puzzle Quest stands out from other puzzle RPGs because it blends the casual simplicity of Match 3 with trading card games. In other words, you are playing two games in one, which is double fun. As you match gems and build decks, you get to experience the thrill that makes you keep coming for more. It is a free to play game.