Discover The Best NFL Video Games

Football is undeniably among the most famous sporting events in the world, probably next to basketball and soccer. The National Football League or NFL has been animated through the years, with game creators introducing video games for football fans

NFL video games showcase famous players, entertaining game mechanics, and incredible graphics. In addition to football superstars, NFL games also features real-life stadiums. Moreover, these games also support multiplayer options to allow you to play with family and friends. 


For those who are looking for the best NFL video games, EA Sports’ Madden series is definitely part of the list. Aside from Madden, here are other NFL games that you can enjoy playing at home. Read on to learn more about these games.

Discover The Best NFL Video Games

NFL Street

Since Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA) is licensed for exclusive NFL rights to publish real-life simulation games, the game creators maximize the opportunity. NFL Street is exactly what the name suggests, football players, taking the game to the streets. 

Similar to the concept of the NBA Street series, the NFL Street features fun aspects of football in the streets, complete with flashy moves, and non-traditional outfits. A wide seven-to-seven game allows players more level of freedom to play football. 


What makes it more fun is the simple interface, highlighting the concept of playing with a group of friends. No traditional jerseys and helmets are provided, plus, the streets serve as the playground for the game. 


For most people, NFL 2K5 is the best football video game ever created for the exceptional presentation of the first-person mode. A lot of players can vouch for the intensity of the 2K series, particularly the 2K5 release. 

It started well with the 2K2, which continued until the 2K3, ESPN NFL Football, and down to the NFL 2K5. The latter solidified the gameplay elements, introducing new things, like the first-person game mode. 


While playing, one can get an idea that you’re watching or playing in a real game, with strong graphics and attention to detail. This game won a number of awards including the Best Sports Game award from GameSpot, and Best Sports Game released for the Xbox. 

Madden NFL 2004

Next to the NFL 2K5, the Madden series is probably the best one on the market. Madden 2004 brought a lot of new features including the Playmaker Controls. There’s an obvious shift to the offensive line, and players can adjust the play without changing it entirely. 

What makes it more fun is the introduction of the Franchise Mode when players can act like an owner. Players can have an opportunity to turn other professional football organizations bankrupt, by raising the price of hotdogs, and more. 

There’s also a Mini-Camp Mode, wherein players can be an NFL player during a Mini Camp, completing training drills, aiming for the goals, etc. There are four levels in the Camp Mode, which include Rookie, Pro, All-Pro, and Madden. 

Tecmo Super Bowl

Discover The Best NFL Video Games
Image Source: DualShockers

Even though it was old, released in 1991, the Tecmo Super Bowl is totally entertaining. The epic music in the background makes a player feel like they’re in the stadium, competing. It’s a classic football game named the Greatest Sports Video Game of All-Time in 2009.

Another thing that makes this game fun is the ability of the players to be the coach and instruct your own team. Up to this date, there are still Tecmo tournaments being held. 


The number of NFL video games you can choose from are almost limitless, with classic and innovative games available on the market. Depending on your tastes and requirements, you can choose from the Tecmo Super Bowl to the latest Madden series release.