Discover These Armored Core 4 Characters to Know About

Armored Core 4 is a third-person-shooter video game that was launched in 2006 by FromSoftware Company. It was designed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This is the 12th entry into the Armored Core series of games, and it reboots the franchise with a new storyline and some new mechanics.

This is a game that is set in the future where there was a great war that left the nations of the earth devastated. The respective governments have also taken over all the corporations. 


The conflicts start to break out between all the corporations and they use massive combat robots and armored cores to fight each other. This game streamlines the many features of the previous entries, but also retains the complex customization system. Read on to learn more about Armored Core 4.

Discover These Armored Core 4 Characters to Know About
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Anatolia’s Mercenary

This one is the silent protagonist in the game. In the previous games, the rave did not speak. The story in Armored Core 4 plays out in his perspective entirely, and during the course of the game, he is responsible for the near-destruction of the BFF. 

Professor Jarnefeldt

He is the developer of the Nexts control technology and single-handedly supplies the core of the Anatolia’s livelihood through his very many technical advancements. His death causes a state of economic crisis, and the professor can also be played by the Rayleornard Prototype Nexts. 


Emil Gustav

Even though he is a member of the Professor Jarnefeldt’s next tech development staff, he has some true talents in the world of politics. After the death of the professor, Emil assumes the responsibility of being the welfare of the colony’s and proposes that they should sell the Nexts. 

In his mind, he needs to ask the Raven to act as the Nexts pilot and his voice is done by Dwight Shultz for the US version.

Fiona Jarnefeldt

She is not just the professor Jarnefeldt’s daughter, but she also works as the Raven’s support partner or operator while in the field. Although she understands the necessity of the plan, she is not able to relieve her feelings of guilt for using the raven.


She also seems to have some feelings for him as well. Together, they leave Anatolia after the war in the game. Her voice is done by Kari Wahlgren for the US version.

Joshua O’Brien

He is an old friend of Fiona’s and the former AMS test subject who now works for Aspina as a Mercenary. He is a pilot for the next White Glint and has been tuned to extreme mobility and also utilizes Joshua’s high degree of the AMS compatibility. 

Now, despite his calming nature, he still continues to fight in order to protect his tiny homeland. He ends up destroying the Akvavit at the same time and also destroys the Rayleornard. 

He is then forced by Omer Science technology to attack the Anatolia in the new model prototype of Nexts, while attempting to remove both the Raven and O’Brien. He is the number 40 Lynx, and he is voiced by Daryl Kurylo for the US version.


Discover These Armored Core 4 Characters to Know About
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He is responsible for piloting the Nexts Noblesse Oblige with his large-model of custom laser cannons. He is an enigmatic character, who plus his AC are regarded as the symbol for the Rosenthal Corporation. 

He is consistent in his success on the battlefield and he is seen as justification for the Rosenthal’s extreme quality-over-quantity philosophy. He is number 4 Original. 


There are many more characters in this game, but with our short analysis, we hope that you will continue enjoying and having fun with Armored Core 4.