Vector Full - How to Get Free Coins

Are you looking for a mobile platformer game that's fun and easy to learn? I highly suggest that you give Vector Full a try. It's fast-paced and filled with heart-pounding action, so you'll never want to put your phone down while playing.

Vector Full is a mobile game where players get to run and perform parkour moves to get to the end without getting captured. It's the main objective of the game and while that might sound easy, there are a lot of challenges that will keep you on your toes.


Learn more about the game, how to earn free coins, some tips and tricks to help you in the game, and more with my guide down below.

  • Parkour Your Way to Freedom
  • Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master
  • Take Advantage of Sprinting
  • Learn How to Get Free Coins
  • Aim to Get Three Stars by Performing Stunts Perfectly
Vector Full - How to Get Free Coins
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Parkour Your Way to Freedom

Vector Full is a parkour-inspired action platform mobile game by NEKKI. In this game, I play a character that is trapped inside an alternative totalitarian world where people just follow whatever the rules are. 

My character has had enough of the rules and breaks free from the system. Now, I am on the run from the government as they chase me. 


In this game, I try to escape from soldiers and agents who want to bring me back to the system. 

Thanks to my parkour skills, I get to use it to run away from them in hopes of getting freedom. It's an exciting storyline and it truly fits what the mobile game is all about.

See How You Can Download This Amazing Game

Now before I tell you more about the game and how to play it well, let me tell you how to download this amazing mobile game first so you can follow along with this article. Vector Full is now available to download at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store


I suggest you only download the game on these platforms just to be safe. Search for the game using the title and tap Install to download. You will need to purchase the game first before you can properly download it. 

I recommend you link your preferred payment method first. Wait until the game is fully installed then tap Open to launch it.

Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master

Vector Full is a platformer mobile game that is quite easy to understand and learn. The mechanics of this are very simple but it is also very difficult to master. The very first thing that I suggest you start learning is the controls. 

Vector Full - How to Get Free Coins
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Swiping up lets my character jump while swiping down lets him slide. This is useful whenever I try to cross different platforms or I want to parkour over obstacles. 

Sliding is another way to get under the table or under a platform instead of jumping over. 

Leaping through these obstacles keeps me as far away from the chasing guards as possible. Along the way, I also encounter different tiles that contain parkour moves which will be used to get past more difficult obstacles later in the game.

Timing Is Key to Passing Obstacles

The game involves a lot of proper timing. This is where the difference is seen between good players and great players. As I run through different platforms, I also need to precisely time when I want to parkour over obstacles. 

It doesn't take a lot of skill to practice the timing but there are still a lot of players who struggle with this mechanic. All you need to do is tap the parkour button whenever you are close to a platform or obstacles or when you want to jump. 

It's very similar to platform games where you have to jump from one platform to another. It's a simple mechanic that will make playing the game in later stages much easier.

Take Advantage of Sprinting

There are a lot of times in this game when I was nearly caught by the guards chasing me. This might be a very difficult game to play if it's not for the sprint mechanic

Vector Full - How to Get Free Coins
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My character can sprint for a couple of seconds to create distance away from the guards but this can only be activated if I pass through the Arrow sign. 

The Arrow sign is where I am given the option to dash through the level. Always take advantage of this option whenever it is available. 

There are a lot of close calls within the first few levels of the game and I was saved a lot by this mechanic. Don't underestimate the power of sprinting.

Each Level Is Different

A lot of players might think that Vector Full is just a simple game with levels that are very similar to each other. While this might be true in the first few levels, the game begins to take a turn for the best when you reach the later stages. 

This is where I get to use different parkour moves and collect new skills to help me through tough situations. Each level in this game is different so you should always be prepared. 

The early game is very familiar and similar and this is intentional. It lets you learn the basics first before you get to the more difficult parts of the game which are way more fun if you ask me.

Learn How to Get Free Coins

As you run through each level, you'll notice different tiles and items floating around. These tiles contain parkour skills that you can use to move through obstacles but there are also other floating items such as coins. 

Vector Full - How to Get Free Coins
Image Source: Androider - Android Gameplays / YouTube

These coins can be collected by passing through them. Each coin I collect adds to my wallet which can then be used to increase my score which helps me collect even more coins. 

Don't miss out on collecting the coins or you'll regret it. Use these coins later on in the game so you can start purchasing cosmetic items for your character. 

This is one of the easiest ways to get free coins in the game and I'll tell you more down below.

Earn More Coins by Watching Video Ads

Coins are very important if you don't want to use real money to pay for other items in the game. This is where you need to learn where to get more coins. One good way to earn coins for free is to watch video ads after each level. 

When I finish a level, the game calculates all of my scores depending on how many tiles I've collected. I then get an offer to watch video ads before I proceed to the next level. 

Take advantage of this option since this offers a good amount of coins for me to collect. Simply watch the entire ad and when you get back into the game, the coins are available to collect and you can play the next level.

Aim to Get Three Stars by Performing Stunts Perfectly

The main goal in playing Vector Full is to get to the end without getting captured. Completing each level without getting captured along with many other factors will help you get three stars. 

Vector Full - How to Get Free Coins
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While that might be a very simple goal to achieve, there are still a lot of minor objectives that will help you achieve more coins in the end. One of which is by performing stunts and capturing all tiles perfectly. 

Never leave any tiles behind and always perform stunts whenever you pass through an obstacle. Another way to earn more coins and get three stars is to get to the end as fast as possible. 

These will be calculated at the end once you get to the finish line and add up to your overall score. The higher your score, the more coins you'll get.

Complete Different Offers to Get More Rewards

Vector Full isn't just about getting to the end and escaping the guards that are chasing you. There are still so many fun aspects to the game that you need to know. Apart from getting to the end with a perfect score, there is also another way to get even more rewards in the game

I noticed that there are offers at each level. Offers act like minor objectives in the game that can be unlocked once you've completed them. These offers can be seen right before I start the level so be sure to check them out before you continue to play. 

Once these offers are met, they unlock different kinds of rewards including more coins. If you're running out of coins or you need those extra coins, completing offers is the way to go.


There are still so many things to learn about Vector Full but for now, these helpful tips will get you to the more exciting parts of this mobile game

Make sure that you follow them and learn these techniques so you can be better at playing while also earning free coins. Go ahead and download the game now and experience it for yourself.