Bubble Shooter Legend - How to Get Coins

If you're looking for a simple game that offers a lot of fun, try downloading and playing Bubble Shooter Legend. It has all the features that you need to have a fun time playing on your mobile phone.

Bubble Shooter Legend is a shooter game where you use a colored bubble and shoot at and match other bubbles of the same color. By doing this you can clear the bubbles off the board.


Now that I have your attention, continue reading to learn how to play the game, where to earn coins, and a few tips and tricks to help you in the game. Check it out below.

  • Playing Bubble Shooter Legend
  • Look at the Board
  • Target the Area Around Isolated Hanging Bubble
  • Take Out Large Groups Whenever You Can
  • Clear the Walls
  • Where to Get Coins
Bubble Shooter Legend - How to Get Coins
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Playing Bubble Shooter Legend

Bubble Shooter Legend is a mobile bubble shooter game with over 900 levels to play with. 

Bubble Shooter Legend - How to Get Coins
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The main objective is to shoot colored bubbles and match them with the ones on the board. 


It's a fun and simple game to play with loads of rewards for players who clear the board within a certain time. 

Group three or more bubbles to clear them and plan your moves right to set off a chain reaction and receive even more rewards. 

Downloading Bubble Shooter Legend

If you're interested in downloading the game, Bubble Shooter Legend is available on all mobile platforms including Android and iOS devices. 


Search for the mobile game through the Google Play Store or the App Store depending on your mobile device. Download the game by tapping Install. 

The game offers in-app purchases so I suggest you set up a payment option in case you want to support the game.

Look at the Board

When playing Bubble Shooter Legend, it pays to be very observant. The moment the board appears for the first time, I immediately check the board and examine the placement of each bubble. 

Bubble Shooter Legend - How to Get Coins
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This is how I normally start playing the game. Once I understand how each bubble is placed on the board, I can start strategizing on what to do. Each colored bubble is arranged in a format that will often lead to a chain reaction. 

This allows me to drop several other bubbles down to the bottom of the screen which will grant me even more points. The main purpose of playing the game is to clear the board and get to earn points along the way. 

Remember, you should examine the board first before doing anything. This is especially important as the first few steps will always be the most crucial ones in the game.

Make Fewer Mistakes

One of the main reasons why playing Bubble Shooter Legend can be very challenging is that the game progressively becomes more difficult. The more levels you unlock, the harder it becomes. This also means that making mistakes early on can lead to a more difficult time at later levels. 

You might not notice this at first but even making a simple mistake at the start can cost you the entire game. Practice as much as possible especially during the early levels to get to know the game and understand its basic mechanics. 

The more you learn about how the game works, the more you commit lesser mistakes.

Target the Area Around Isolated Hanging Bubble

Whenever I target bubbles, there will always be some that remain attached by a thread. Most of these hanging bubbles are connected by a series of bubbles of the same color. 

Bubble Shooter Legend - How to Get Coins
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Make good use of this by targeting that chain instead of the lone hanging bubble. I can free a lot of space whenever I target the area around the hanging bubble. 

Not only does this move eliminate a large number of bubbles but it also removes that pesky lone bubble that can be difficult to target later on. 

I can still target the isolated bubble but I will need to have consecutive bubbles of the same color to remove it.

Learn to Perfect the Bank Shot

The early stages of the game are very easy to play based on my experience but as soon as I get into the deeper bubbles, things can be very difficult to aim towards. This is why I use the shooter and bounce a bubble off the wall and land it directly next to the bubble of the same color. 

This is called a bank shot and it takes a lot of skill to do this perfectly. It is a useful skill to place harder-to-reach bubbles, especially where there are same-colored bubbles in the area. 

It is also a shot that can be used to squeeze in some bubbles to fill up some space especially if you're waiting for a specific color to appear.

Take Out Large Groups Whenever You Can

One of the best strategies that I incorporate when playing Bubble Shooter Legend is to try and break up large groups of bubbles that have the same color. 

Bubble Shooter Legend - How to Get Coins
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Taking these large groups out helps me progress in the game much faster. These groups are easier to take out and when they are cleared, they open a wide path for me to hit other groups with more ease. 

Sometimes, clearing these large groups also creates a domino effect that removes stray bubbles attached to these large groups. 

Look out for them whenever you try to shoot bubbles on the board and try to take advantage of them whenever they are exposed. It will greatly affect your game.

Make Every Shot Count

Another strategy utilized by experienced players is to make every shot count. You should know that ammo is limited in Bubble Shooter Legends. 

Many new players tend to use all of their shots without taking into consideration that the ammo is not unlimited. Try to plan a path where you can reach the upper rows in the puzzle. 

This way, you can conserve all of your shots and ensure that you can finish the stage easily.

Clear the Walls

As mentioned, bank shots are great for reaching difficult areas in the game. However, the very first thing that you need to have access to is an area where you can bounce your shots

The walls on the sides are great areas to aim your shot so it can bounce to a specific area. Clear the areas near the walls first to expose more spaces for you to bank your shots. 

The more areas that are exposed the more opportunities you have to bank your shots and reach certain areas in the game. More often, I also notice that clearing the areas near the walls also exposes large groups of bubbles of the same color. 

It's like hitting two birds with one stone at this point.

Switch Colors as Required

Switching colors is a very underrated strategy in the game. Not a lot of new players know that they can switch the color of the bubble which opens a lot of opportunities to change your game. 

Whenever I get a bubble that doesn't match a color within my range, I immediately switch to another color and continue with the game. Remember that players can only switch colored bubbles between the current one and the next one. 

Where to Get Coins

There are a lot of ways to get coins in Bubble Shooter Legend. Clearing each level is the easiest and most convenient way to earn coins. 

Bubble Shooter Legend - How to Get Coins
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However, there are far better ways to get coins. One of which is to create a combo. Creating a combo means setting off a chain reaction within the board that eliminates all the bubbles. 

For each series I clear, the game rewards me with a certain number of coins. However, if I get to set off more at once, the game multiplies the coins that I've earned during that round. 

Lastly, check out the meter at the top of the screen. Fill out the meter by playing the game and you'll also receive more coins. The game also has ads so if you need coins, watch a few of them to earn even more coins.

Patience Is Needed to Play the Game

Bubble Shooter Legend is a game that tests the player's patience. Many players make the mistake of thinking that the game tries to constrain them with time. 

However, it is important to be patient but also be quick at the same time. Patience is key to analyzing the board and creating a strategy to clear it. You'll need agility to move fast and execute the plan that you have after analyzing the board. 

Doing this will help you clear the board faster especially when you're already dealing with difficult levels in the later stages of the game.


Bubble Shooter Legend is a great mobile game for beginners but is also challenging for well-seasoned players of this genre. 

Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above and you'll find it easier to get large amounts of coins in the game in the shortest amount of time. Remember to have fun!