Tomb of the Mask - See How to Get Coins and Power

Certain mobile games seem very easy to play but surprise you with their challenging gameplay when you actually get to try them. This is what I've experienced with Tomb of the Mask. The goal of the game is to get through each maze and dodge as many traps and obstacles as possible.

For me, it's the traps, creatures, and obstacles that make the game very unique apart from its pixel graphics. For those who are looking for a challenging mobile game to play, Tomb of the Mask is the right fit for you. 


Learn more about the game, how you can earn more coins and power-ups, and more with my guide below.

  • Always Be on the Lookout
  • You'll Fail Often
  • Play Level Mode to Sharpen Your Skills
  • Unlock Masks to Earn More Coins
  • Avoid Using Coins to Revive Yourself
Tomb of the Mask - See How to Get Coins and Power
Image Source: Andy C83 / YouTube

Always Be on the Lookout

With so many things to look out for, it can be quite difficult to focus on what matters the most - collecting coins and making sure to stay alive. There are a lot of obstacles to avoid and creatures to dodge while also trying to maintain a good pace. 

It is best to try and pace yourself whenever you are trying to collect coins and dots along the way. Keep a step ahead and look out for incoming obstacles


I recommend staying alert when you make your way through the maze. You can also try to pause for a second to think where you want to go but make sure to move immediately after that. 

Try not to get ahead of yourself and stay vigilant especially when it comes to blue spiked walls as they will instantly kill your character and end the game.

Look Out for New Traps, Obstacles, and Creatures

As you work your way out of a certain maze, you begin to discover many different things within the level. You'll soon make your way out of the maze and jump into the next one and see another set of traps and obstacles begin to pop up. 


Every new level in the game presents a new set of challenges. They often come in the form of new traps or spiked walls. Sometimes, some traps shoot projectiles or walls that bounce you off a certain angle. 

Then, some creatures try to block your path. The best part of playing Tomb of the Mask is that the terrain or the maze is ever-changing. Understand how each trap or wall or creature does so the next time you encounter them, you'd know what to do.

You'll Fail Often

It comes as no surprise that playing this game is very difficult. I've never played a game that has a very simple objective and mechanics but with this complex gameplay

Tomb of the Mask - See How to Get Coins and Power
Image Source: Anthony Camaton / YouTube

Most new players might think that this game is very easy or that there isn't that much gameplay and end up getting frustrated with the game's overall difficulty. 

Having a difficult game can be challenging but it can also be fun. I know you'll most likely fail a lot of times but it is part of the fun of understanding what the game is all about. 

Change your mindset when it comes to playing the game and you'll soon realize that all you needed was a new perspective. 

There's No Need to Collect Every Dot

The main objective of Tomb of the Mask is to collect as many dots and coins as possible. Having a good amount of dots collected means getting a lot of points that translates into having more money in the game. 

However, it is not always important to collect all the dots that come along. I know it is very tempting to collect dots and coins, especially those hard-to-reach places to challenge yourself, but there isn't always enough time to do so, especially if the colored wall begins to catch up. 

Save yourself the hassle of playing the level again by just picking up the dots that are along your way.

Play Level Mode to Sharpen Your Skills

Tomb of the Mask has two game modes and each has its unique advantages and challenges. The first game mode is Level Mode. 

Tomb of the Mask - See How to Get Coins and Power
Image Source: Mobile Mode Gaming

In this game mode, players get the chance to learn more about the game as the first few levels start very easy and then slowly become more difficult. 

Level Mode is the best game mode for new players who want to learn what the game is all about and practice their skills in playing the game. 

Playing the Level Mode is a good way to harness your skills in learning the patterns of certain traps or how you can strategize your movement within each maze. Level Mode also gives out a good amount of rewards which you'll need later on when we talk about power-ups.

Check Out Arcade Mode for More Challenges

While the Level Mode is all about practicing and sharpening your skills, the Arcade Mode is where you can show off what you've learned from the other game modes. The Arcade Mode is built especially for players who want to express their mechanics in the game. 

The levels are much more difficult and it can be very challenging and demanding to play. When I played Arcade Mode, I barely had the time to react to certain obstacles and traps and ended up failing a lot. 

This is a game mode specifically for seasoned players who want to challenge themselves. If you want to give it a try, go ahead and if you're successful enough, you'll be rewarded with a lot of coins.

Unlock Masks to Earn More Coins

One piece of advice that I often give out to new players is to play the game as much as possible. After playing certain levels, you'll be able to unlock different types of masks that affect the game. 

Tomb of the Mask - See How to Get Coins and Power
Image Source: Techstribe

Masks such as Kitty, which can be unlocked by level 8, attract more coins when you equip them. The Pirate mask spawns 20% more coins in the maze so you have more coins to collect. 

The Rabbit mask increases the coin spawn to 30% when you wear it. Meanwhile, the Voodoo masks have a 40% chance of coin drops and are unlocked by level 20. 

Many other masks also increase other effects in the game such as a good chance of magnet drops or freeze power-up.

Upgrade Power-Ups

Speaking of power-ups, it is always imperative to try and upgrade them whenever you have the chance. I recommend upgrading Coin Addict first allows you to turn adjacent dots into coins and upgrading this power-up increases the number of dots that get turned into coins. 

Freeze is another power-up that you should be upgrading after Coin Addict. Freeze increases the time that traps and enemy creatures are frozen. 

This should give you more time to wiggle yourself out of that dire situation. Just one thing to remember - Freeze does not have any effect on spikes on walls.

Avoid Using Coins to Revive Yourself

I know the game can be very hard to finish sometimes. Getting stuck playing the same level for hours can be very frustrating. All you want to do is to use your coins to revive yourself and continue with the game instead of starting from the beginning of the level. 

Tomb of the Mask - See How to Get Coins and Power
Image Source: GameSociety / YouTube

While that might be good to do in some situations, I would rather avoid using coins to revive myself. Coins are hard to find and I've spent countless hours collecting them to use them on specific power-ups to help boost my game. 

This should be your focus instead: if you find yourself playing the same level over and over, try to take a break and get a new perspective. 

Remember, coins are extremely valuable in Tomb of the Mask so don't go around spending them carelessly.

Spin the Wheel

It's not always doom and gloom when you play Tomb of the Mask. There are also other items that I can use to help protect myself and progress better in the game. Shields are a great way to help you through difficult obstacles and traps. 

To activate the shield, all I had to do was double-tap on the screen. Check out the shield bar at the bottom left corner of the screen to see how much shield you've got. And while shields do disappear, they can be earned through spinning the wheel. 

Use your coins to spin the wheel and invest more when it comes to shields. Sometimes, you'll get coins as a prize which you can use to spin more and increase the amount of your shield.


With its excellent pixel-style graphics and very challenging mazes, it is hard to avoid becoming addicted to the Tomb of the Mask mobile game. The arcade-style gameplay reminds me of the old days where I get to play with my friends and I guess this game would have to suffice.

Download Tomb of the Mask today on your mobile through the Google Play Store or the App Store.