RuneScape Mobile-Best Features of Old RuneScape for Android

Seasons come and go, but games like RuneScape are here forever. Game developers have learnt to listen to what gamers love in some games and enhance or improve those factors in the preceding games or series, usually of the same franchise. 

That’s why most games franchises are adopting series. It is a way of creating a better and more advanced user experience for gamers. RuneScape old school is in the same boat; it enhances the features of the first RuneScape that was first released in 2003. RuneScape is an open-world fantasy game shaped by its players.


Old school RuneScape is now available on Android, loaded with numerous features that bring the old game to life. Discover them below.

RuneScape Mobile-Best Features of Old RuneScape for Android
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Old School RuneScape Game

The RuneScape game is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was developed and published by Jagex. It was first released in 2013 and the old school version released in 2017. This new game had a lot of improvements and features compared to the old game like engine improvements, quality of life updates decided mainly by in-game polls and latest updates. 

Though old school RuneScape had a smaller development team as well as a slower relative update schedule, the game has a more extensive player base than RuneScape. Its mobile version was released in 2018. It has got several features that make the game more interesting.


Input Mechanics

The input mechanics are mostly point-and-click. This enables you the player to control a single character and can interact with objects, NPCs (Non-player character) and entities in the game by selecting an option from the right-click menu of the item or just left-clicking. This is made possible by objects that offer various interaction options. 

Old school RuneScape has been able to make a profit using a membership subscription to the entire ‘pay-to-play’ game content.

Ironman Mode

Old School RuneScape gives ‘Ironman’ mode in which players are stopped from making economic interaction with other players hence making players self-sufficient. Ironman mode players are not allowed to take items which have been dropped by other players, left on the ground from skills or sold to stores. Ironman mode is considered one of the most difficult to play the game given that many late-game items come from high-level bosses and have minimal chance of being obtained.


Deadman Mode

This is a separate incarnation of old school RuneScape that features open-world player versus accelerated experience and player combat rates. For instance, if a player kills another, the winner receives a chest key allowing them to loot items from the dead player’s account. Players that engage other players in combat are ‘skulled’ or marked with a skull icon. 

Skulled players will be attacked by NPCs when they try to enter safe cities; moreover, the number of keys they have will be visible to other players which makes them obvious targets. Players that die in Deadman mode lose a number of their experience points in all skills of the player’s choice apart from only five.

RuneScape Mobile-Best Features of Old RuneScape for Android
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At RuneFest 2019, Jagex said that there would be a unique new high-speed game mode that is similar to Deadman mode named ‘Old School Runescape Leagues’. Leagues contrast with the original servers in a way, just like Deadman mode, they will exist as an isolated game instance that only exists for a short time. A league has a lifespan of two months. 

Players in this game mode contend with others to progress further and faster before the two months elapse. Players who join select particular servers will start afresh, have increased experience rates and the ability to unlock exceptional permanent perks which add more rewards to multipliers and experience.

Final Remarks

Old school RuneScape is the RuneScape PC game coming back to life with better and more advanced features. It was released as a mobile version so you can play on the go. Some of these features include better engine improvements, new content and improved the quality of life of players.  The game offers you different game modes like Ironman and Deadman mode, which add creativity to the game.