Check Out the Best War Strategy Games for iPhone

War strategy games require you to make use of uncoerced and autonomous decision-making skills that determine the outcome of the game. You have to learn the tactics and tricks of the enemy so you can avoid being killed by the enemy. 

These games require tree-style thinking and high situational awareness. War strategy games focus on a series of wars on grand strategy; military strategy at movement level and use of the empire or nation state’s resources. 


These games require military tactics while in others, these tactics are abstracted. Most of the war strategy games are suitable to play on your iPhone. Whether you love real-time strategy, turn-based tactics, or any other genre, you will find a game for you below.

Check Out the Best War Strategy Games for iPhone
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XCOM: Enemy Within

This is a strategy game with a reputation of being among the finest squad-based strategy games. It has tense turn-based battles which are offered in 3D. 

Check Out the Best War Strategy Games for iPhone
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This game is a battle against aliens after which you return to base to launch satellites, research new weapons, and build labs. It features a meld-down resource to give your fighters cybernetic implants.


like chameleon-like skin which makes them invisible, super pupils that improve aim, and bionic legs that enable you to leap onto rooftops.

You can also use meld down to make mechanized exo-suits or MECs that turn soldiers into walking tanks. These walking tanks can fire flamethrowers and rail guns. 

New Features

An illegal alien is another feature that adds new enemies like the invisible squid-like nightmare (the Seeker) that slowly strangles a soldier till death unless another soldier shoots it off.


It is also about human combatants that bring different mission types to the campaign. It has been upgraded in this iOS version for easy download from the App Store.

There is more fun to this iPhone game like more maps for random battles, a synchronous multiplayer, and medals for more stat boosts for your preferred soldiers before the permadeath’s jaws kill them. 

FTL: Faster Than Light

It tasks you with running your spaceship and allocating resources to the departments that need it most, and you have to do all this while fleeing via a hostile star system.

Check Out the Best War Strategy Games for iPhone
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In this game, you’ll experience the thrill of running a spaceship while trying to save the galaxy. 

It represents a dangerous mission with every encounter giving a notable change with various solutions. 

For instance, what course of action will you take when a heavy missile barrage blocks off your shields?

Decisions, Decisions

You can either redirect all power to the engines to escape or power up more weapons and blow off your enemy. You can also decide to take the fight to the enemy with a boarding party. 

It features permadeath where you die and can't come back, different enemies and events for each play-through, upgrade to 7 alien races, text-based encounters to force you to make decisions, etc. 

You can easily download it on your iPhone from the App Store in a few minutes.

Company of Heroes

This is one of the famous World War II games that revolutionized real-time strategy.

Check Out the Best War Strategy Games for iPhone
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With a combination of dynamic combat environments, fast-moving campaigns and advanced squad-based tactics. 

This game is tailored and optimized for iOS, it was first only working on iPad, but the latest upgrade is suitable for the iPhone

It is one of the most popular real-time strategy games that allows you to shape the battlefield to your advantage. 


It features direct squads of US troops fighting the strong German Wehrmacht through 15 gritty missions.

It is entirely based on the most challenging fighting of WWII. It features an intuitive user interface, dynamic combat environments, high-resolution graphics, etc.

You can simply download the game from the App Store on your iOS gadget and feel the thrill of what the soldiers in World War II felt.

Fallout Shelter

For those who are looking to download a game that is suited for a more casual base-building experience available on the App Store, Fallout Shelter may just be the answer. 

Check Out the Best War Strategy Games for iPhone
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If you’ve played any of the Fallout videogames, then you’ll recognize the concept straight away.

Fallout Shelter is set in the same post-apocalyptic America, where humanity has been forced underground to live in Vaults that are capable of sustaining life indefinitely. 

The outside world is a wasteland and is aptly called The Wasteland. In Fallout Shelter, you are responsible for your own Vault, which you get to assign a number, as well as its inhabitants. 

How It Develops

The Vault starts off quite small, with just a few rooms, and it is up to you to send out your inhabitants into the Wasteland to collect resources and find more Survivors. 

It’s a game of managing your time, resources, and Vault Dwellers as you grow and expand your Vault. 

You’ll be able to access new rooms that can help you progress your Science, grow more crops, and train your Dwellers to become better fighters. Fallout Shelter is a sandbox game, through and through.

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia puts a cute spin on the RTG genre of games and condenses it into a fun mobile form. 

Check Out the Best War Strategy Games for iPhone
Image Source: Steam

The game has you start as one of four factions that are available from the start, with much more available for purchase using real-life money. 

You start with a capital city and one unit, and your goal is to explore the polygonal map, clear away the clouds, and discover villages to convert to cities of your own.

You can discover the locations of other civilizations on the map and wipe them out to become the ruler of the map. 

Simple for Hours of Fun

While the concept of the game is quite simple, it is still able to provide you with hours upon hours of fun with its Endless mode. 

However, there are a number of challenge modes if you’re looking for, well, a challenge. 

You’re able to play with your friends using the local co-op feature, making this a great party game, as well. Plus, it is really quick and easy to download and install from the App Store onto your iPhone.


If you like card games and are a fan of World of Warcraft, then you’re going to love Blizzard’s Hearthstone, which is an online card battling game, available on the App Store, whose cards are of characters from the WoW franchise.

Check Out the Best War Strategy Games for iPhone
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The game has a fun art style and simple mechanics, but is one of the most popular online card games, with thousands of streamers playing daily, and plenty of people entering into competitions. 

You play as many Heroes, who each have their own unique abilities. You build your deck using cards that you earn from Card Packs, which can be purchased or earned through continuous playing. 

You play against another player, sometimes two, who also plays as one of the Heroes and who also builds their deck using Card Packs. There are currently more than 3,000 cards in the game.

Many Options

You’re probably never going to run into someone who has the exact same deck as you, and you’ll probably never battle against the same deck twice unless you play against the same person twice. 

Every game is different, and the possibilities are endless. Each Creature card has two numbers at the bottom, representing its HP and Strength, respectively. 

You can choose to attack one of the other player’s Creatures, and if your Creature’s Strength is greater you’ll destroy it. You can also use Creatures to attack the enemy Hero directly. 

Bloons TD

For fans of Tower Defense games, Bloons TD is a great option that can be downloaded to your iPhone very easily from the App Store

Check Out the Best War Strategy Games for iPhone
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It combines a cute visual style with challenging, interesting gameplay to create an addictive game that will have you playing for hours and hours on end. 

The concept of the game is very simple - you have a short preparation phase that you can use to place your first towers down. 

When that phase is over, balloons will start pouring in, following a set pathway to reach their objective. 

Simple But Challenging

If you do not destroy enough balloons with your towers in time, you will lose and will have to replay the level. 

The game is quite simple, and it’s easy to get a hang of, but once you get to the higher levels, you’re going to find yourself facing more and more challenging missions. 

Eventually, you’ll become a master balloon-destroying strategist… and then the game will get really challenging! You can really get your balloon battle on with this game.


War strategy games teach you the tactics and strategies of war. You learn new tactics of dodging the enemies’ weapons, empowering yours, utilizing the battlefield to your advantage etc. 

Some games like XCOM: Enemy Within features cybernetic implants like chameleon-like skin and super pupils that increase your chances of survival.