Learn How to Farm Hearts in Banana Kong

Want to play a unique endless runner game based on a popular character? Banana Kong should be right up your alley.

Banana Kong is an endless runner game from FDG Entertainment. The mobile game lets me play as Kong as I jump, glide, run, swim, and bounce around the jungle while collecting bananas and outmaneuvering an avalanche made of bananas.


Learning how to play Banana Kong is easy. But, if you want to know more about the game, how to get hearts, and more then check out my guide below.

  • Playing Banana Kong
  • Learn the Basic Movement Patterns in Banana Kong
  • Use Your Power-Ups Wisely
  • Complete Missions and Earn More Bananas
  • Explore the Underwater Area
  • Watch Some Ads to Get Freebies
Learn How to Farm Hearts in Banana Kong
Image Source: FDG Entertainment

Playing Banana Kong

Play Kong as you run around the jungle, bounce from one platform to another, swing on vines, and even swim underwater. Kong collects bananas along the way and outruns a huge banana avalanche on top of all the other activities happening in the game.

Keep full control of Kong as you dodge every obstacle and jump to different platforms. The goal of the game is to the end and claim the ultimate reward.


Players can even ride a boar or fly with a toucan as a way to speed their way to the finish and escape the avalanche. The choice is yours.

Downloading Banana Kong

Banana Kong is available on all mobile devices to download from the Google Play Store and the App Store. The app features Cloud Save and Full Game Services integration when you fully download the game through these platforms.

To download, search for the title of the app and tap Install. Wait until the game is fully installed before launching. If you want to support the game, you can set up a payment method.


The game will require an internet connection in order to play and receive various rewards but can also be played offline.

Learn the Basic Movement Patterns in Banana Kong

Learning the game means learning how to move around the different terrains within Banana Kong. The most basic movement skill that I use is the Power Dash.

Learn How to Farm Hearts in Banana Kong
Image Source: FDG Games / YouTube

The Power Dash lets me quickly dash in a certain direction. I often use this to destroy obstacles along the way.

In addition, swiping down on the screen lets me move down from one platform to another. This is a good way to explore different areas, especially if you are fond of searching for secret rewards. Try to swipe down on the flowers so you will bounce higher especially when you're on treetops.

These are just some of the basic movement patterns that you need to master immediately if you want to excel in the game.

Keep Collecting Bananas Along the Way

The goal when playing Banana Kong is to collect as many bananas as possible. Whether I jump or dash around different platforms, I always want to grab bananas along the way. The more bananas I collect, the more powerful my dashes become.

Once the meter is full, I can perform Power Dash which allows me to destroy obstacles or grab more bananas in quick succession. However, I would suggest that you only use it when faced with an obstacle or when you're trying to outrun the banana avalanche.

You can also use Power Dash to break down doors to secret areas.

Use Your Power-Ups Wisely

Power-ups are your best friend. These are special moves and skills that will help you in difficult times. Some of the best power-ups that I often use in the game are the rainbow bananas, toucan, magnet, boar, giraffe, and glide power-ups.

Learn How to Farm Hearts in Banana Kong
Image Source: Malavida

Rainbow Bananas increases the chance that I'll get a super banana while the toucan gives a bonus from other power-ups. Meanwhile, the magnet attracts all the bananas in the area upon activation, and upgrading this power-up will increase its duration.

The boar helps me destroy obstacles so I don't have to use my Power Dash. Upgrading this power-up will increase the number of obstacles that I can destroy.

On the other hand, the giraffe gives me an extra life if I fall from the treetop. Finally, glide lets me glide in the air and get all the bananas I need.

Use Bananas to Purchase Items and Hearts

Apart from power-ups, there are also special items that are used to help me in the game. Buying a 1-up or Hearts gives me extra life and it costs 2,500 bananas.

The Simple and Double Boost gives me 500 meters and 2,000 meters of distance which is helpful to avoid the banana avalanche. A Full Power Bar gives me a fully-loaded power bar for only 300 bananas.

There are still many other items in the game that can be used but so far, these are just some of the few that are important and should be purchased once you have enough bananas.

Complete Missions and Earn More Bananas

Once I log in to the game, I always check the missions tab first before playing. There is a list of missions that I need to complete and each mission has different objectives.

Learn How to Farm Hearts in Banana Kong
Image Source: Majorgeeks

Check out all the objectives and then go and play the game. Finish these missions and you'll get more bananas.

Use different power-ups and special items to help you finish the missions much faster. I always make sure that I finish these missions before logging off from the game.

Avoid Obstacles as Much as You Can

One of the most important points to remember to keep on playing the game is to avoid obstacles. Hitting obstacles will result in the end of your game and you'll have to start all over. There are several ways to avoid hitting obstacles.

One of which is the use of Power Dash or riding the Boar to destroy the obstacle for you. Another is to avoid the obstacle by sliding down the platform then jumping back up again to continue your path.

Jumping is probably the most basic way to avoid obstacles. However, the most effective way to avoid obstacles is to soar above them by using the glide power-up. You'll survive longer by simply gliding through the game and avoiding getting bitten by piranhas and alligators.

Explore the Underwater Area

Banana Kong is not all about treetops and platforms. You can explore different terrains and even unlock secret areas along the way. You can explore the underwater area but it also comes with its own set of dangers.

Learn How to Farm Hearts in Banana Kong
Image Source: APK Pure

Piranhas and alligators swim around looking for something to eat which means I'll have to dodge them by swimming back up.

When it comes to choosing the lesser danger, choose the piranha. Their only objective is to slow you down enough so the alligators can spot you.

If you do encounter an alligator, it is best that you either swim up and down quickly to lose them or get out of the water immediately.

Go Spelunking Underground

The underground level is another area in the game that you can explore. It is by far one of the most difficult areas in the game that I have experienced so far.

My vision is limited when I'm inside the cavern and this can be detrimental to my game. There were times when I would hit obstacles such as stalagmites. Plus there's also lava, which the low visibility can cause me to fall into.

Don't worry too much if you do fall into the lava. You'll just have to restart the entire level again. But before this happens, make sure you have enough Hearts.

Watch Some Ads to Get Freebies

Part of the deal when playing mobile games is dealing with ads. If you want to support the game without using real money, you can always watch some ads along the way and, by doing this, you will get to earn freebies as well.

Learn How to Farm Hearts in Banana Kong
Image Source: APK Pure

Some of them include power-ups, hearts, and even tons of bananas. Most of the time, they are given randomly so there's no telling what you'll get after you watch an ad.

At the end of each level, you're also given the chance to earn more bananas and even multiply the amount you have if you watch an ad.

So, if you don't mind ads, take full advantage of them.

Play Without Any Interruptions

For those who do not want to deal with ads interrupting their momentum, you can always do what I do. I turn off my mobile data or disconnect my device from the WiFi before I launch the game.

By doing so, I cut off my internet connection from the game. Thus the game is played in the offline version which also disables ads. I often do this whenever I have received enough rewards from watching ads and do not want to deal with interruptions from playing the game.

Remember, to do this only when you are done with the missions and have collected all the rewards. You won't be able to collect the rewards if you play offline.

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I've played Banana Kong for quite a while now and it is still one of my favorite endless runner mobile games. It's a fun mobile game that doesn't take itself seriously but also has some challenging aspects to it that keep things interesting. Check it out now.