Learn How to Farm Coins in Triumph of Kage

Are you looking for a mobile game that is heavily inspired by the popular anime series Naruto? Look no further than Triumph of Kage. Everything that you're looking for in an auto-battler team-based role-playing mobile game is right at your fingertips.

Triumph of Kage is a mobile RPG where I get to choose a team of shinobi and work my way to become the Kage of my chosen village. However, things become complicated when the enemy wants to invade our village. 


In this game, you'll need a lot of help especially if you're new. Check out my guide below to learn about the game, how to farm coins, learn proper positioning, and more.

  • Picking the Right Shinobi for Your Team
  • Positioning Is Key to Winning Each Battle
  • Play as a Guest to Learn About the Game
  • Win More Games to Farm Coins and Other Surprises
  • Stay Updated with the Meta
Learn How to Farm Coins in Triumph of Kage
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Picking the Right Shinobi for Your Team

Triumph of Kage features a lot of ninjas or shinobis that all of us are familiar with from the Naruto universe. As the game might not be too discreet about it, I've seen many of the characters from the anime series appear in the game. 

Learn How to Farm Coins in Triumph of Kage
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There is still room for more to add to the current roster but for now, picking the right shinobi is the key to success. There are so many shinobis to choose from and each of them has its own advantageous attributes. 


I'll talk more about specific attributes later on but for now, players can pick up to five shinobis to form a team

As picking the right shinobi is critical, players should be familiar with each of them in the game and see which ones have great synergy with each other.

Learning the Different Attributes of Each Ninja

As mentioned, each shinobi has its own set of attributes that can be used to boost skills and even perform a combo with another shinobi within the team. These attributes include water, fire, wind, light, and dark. Each shinobi possesses at least one of these attributes but others have two or sometimes even more. 


The attributes counter each other which means that fire is weak against water and water is weak against air while air is weak against fire. Both light and dark counter each other. These attributes will help decide the type of playstyle I want to do with my team. 

Water focuses more on supportive skills but also has some destructive spells while fire brings chaos into the battle. Air offers some healing but has very disruptive capabilities too.

Positioning Is Key to Winning Each Battle

Now that you've learned the importance of picking the right shinobi and the type of shinobi that you should put into your roster, it's time for you to learn proper positioning to help you win more battles. 

Learn How to Farm Coins in Triumph of Kage
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Before the start of each battle, I'm able to place different shinobis in specific areas on the battlefield. This is very important for every player to learn as this will dictate how well you do in battle. 

I usually put the shinobi with high defense at the front and place the fragile ones at the back. Most of them are the damage dealers and the support that heal and buff the rest of the team. 

This setup is very basic but there are also instances that I have to change the positioning of each member depending on the enemy. Learn how to adjust and you'll find yourself winning more battles.

Look at the Enemy Team’s Composition First

Players can place each shinobi strategically before the battle but we also can see the enemy team's composition. This is an essential aspect of combat in Triumph of Kage

Information is key to making the right decisions on who I should be calling to join the team in battle. If the enemy team has more fire shinobi, a team with water shinobi will be the right call. 

I never underestimate the power of information in this game. It has helped me a lot of times and this should help you as well.

Play as a Guest to Learn About the Game

I know it's a bit hard to understand the game at first especially if you are new to this genre of mobile games. There is a lot of preparation and self-research to do before getting into the nitty-gritty of the game. 

Learn How to Farm Coins in Triumph of Kage
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This can often lead to players making the wrong choices that can have a big impact later on in the game. When I first started the game, I had to play the game as a guest first to experiment and see how the game goes. 

Once I had enough information and knew a thing or two about how to play this game, I then switched to my main account and started all over again. 

I didn't have to worry about wasting a lot of time since, when I was on the guest account, I was spent learning the game and its valuable lessons. Don't make the same mistakes as other new players and jump right into the game with your main account—use the guest account properly.

Join a Guild and Get Rewards

There is also another great feature in Triumph of Kage that is very underrated—the Guild feature. The Guild lets me join a set of players that have been playing the game together. It's a community within the game where we get to play as friends and join different challenges together. 

There are a lot of benefits to joining an active guild. One of which is guild-exclusive rewards. These rewards include coins, scrolls, and many other freebies as long as I play together with my guildmates. 

Every once in a while, there's also a guild war where we fight against another guild and aim to claim victory to become the top guild in the game.

Win More Games to Farm Coins and Other Surprises

There are a lot of resources that are collected in Triumph of Kage. From scrolls to potions, each of the resources has contributed to the strength of my team. However, there is one resource that is highly coveted in the game—coins. 

Coins can be used in different areas of the game including recruiting new ninjas and other items that can be found in the in-game store. Coins can even be used to purchase potions to help heal my team during combat or even give my team a boost in power. 

Sure, you can always argue that the game forces players to hoard as many coins as possible to stay in power. However, it is also very easy to earn coins in this game. 

 All I need to do is to win more games and I will get coins after each match along with many other surprises.

Equip Different Beasts to Aid in Combat

Apart from choosing the right shinobi and learning the basic positioning in battle, another factor that will help you win more battles to help you earn more coins is to equip your team with different beasts. 

Beasts follow the same attribute as the shinobis but they are commonly used to help players in battle. Depending on the chosen beasts, they can either boost my attack, help me heal my team, or disrupt the enemy team. 

Choose which beast fits your team perfectly and I guarantee that you will have a very formidable team on the battlefield.

Stay Updated with the Meta

I've noticed that a lot of new players stick to what they think is their best team composition. This is quite detrimental for those who want to excel in the game. 

Learn How to Farm Coins in Triumph of Kage
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Triumph of Kage is a mobile game that is continuously getting updated and several changes are made with every update. This means that some buffs and nerfs will be attributed to each ninja, thereby shaking the meta. 

Shaking the meta of the game is a good way to avoid making Triumph of Kage stale and boring. There are certain YouTube videos that help new players understand the meta that you can always check out. 

I always stay updated with the meta so I don't fall behind in the game. I suggest that you should too.

Downloading Triumph of Kage

Triumph of Kage is exclusively available at the Google Play Store for Android devices. 

To download the game, search the title and tap Install. Wait until the game is fully installed and tap Open to launch. 

Remember, avoid logging in to your main account when you first start the game and use the guest account first instead.


Overall, Triumph of Kage captures the essence of the anime series Naruto, which the game takes a lot of inspiration from. This auto-battle teambuilder mobile game is definitely what I need to pass the time. Follow the tips above and see you on the battlefield.