How to Download and Play the Sea Battle iPhone Game

Gone are the days when you had to be at home to play your favorite video game. Developers have realized the need to make games available on all platforms. After all, the success of gaming franchises is sometimes determined based on the availability of the game on different platforms. 

Having the Sea Battle game on iPhone is an advantage to gamers because you are not restricted to your location. You can play anywhere, anytime, even on the go. 


If you haven’t started playing Sea Battle on your iPhone, you are missing out. Learn how to download it and play it on your iPhone below. 

  • About Sea Battle for iPhone
  • Points for Victories
  • How to Win
  • How to Play
  • A Good Strategy Is Key
How to Download and Play the Sea Battle iPhone Game
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About Sea Battle for iPhone

Sea Battle is a classic multiplayer strategy game where players command fleets of naval vessels that are attempting to attack the harbor of their opponent. Players must successfully invade their enemies’ home port as they protect their port from invasion. 

How to Download and Play the Sea Battle iPhone Game
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The game is available on both the App Store and Play Store, but it is more common among iOS users. Sea Battle is one of the most popular games in the world, dating back decades, and several remakes and inspirations have been gotten from the game. 


The game can be played as a single-player or as local multiplayer where you play with your friends through a local connection. You can also play online multiplayer where you play with friends online. It involves great strategy and skill to excel and not to get killed.

Sea Battle Game Overview

It takes place in an ocean full of islands with one player’s home port located in the left lower corner of the screen and the other player having access to 13 naval vessels that represent eight different types of ships. 

Each player may organize these ships into smaller fleets containing three ships per fleet and four active fleets at any given time. 


When ships are deployed, the ship that is selected first becomes its flagship. 

Points for Victories

Where is the fun if you do not rack up points when you play with online rivals? 

How to Download and Play the Sea Battle iPhone Game
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Gathering points makes your ranking go up and makes it possible to be included at the top of the leaderboard. Defeating a player with a high score grants you higher points as well.

Online battles are a way to earn points and to move up the leaderboard. With more opponents you defeat, you move up the leaderboard and are steps closer to be ranked as the number 1 spot. 

Try Different Modes

Want to just chill and practice? You can! The app has a training section where you can choose a difficulty level and battle against an Android to test your skills before going head-on battling online players.

You can choose between classic mode or the crazy advanced game mode. They each have different and unique gameplay and are a great way to test your skills on both modes.

Playing on one device can be so much fun. The game allows that. Since the gameplay is based on one player attacking and then waiting for the opponent’s turn.

How to Win

In the strategy phase, players will see the enemy’s fleet location on the screen. However, it does not show you the ships within the fleet. You take turns by attacking each other ships and sinking them.

How to Download and Play the Sea Battle iPhone Game
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If you get a shot, you get another chance to sink other ships of his fleet. Keep getting your shots right and you sink every single ship of your enemy and would be crowned the winner. 

If you miss a shot, however, your opponent gets a chance to attack and hopefully, they do not keep hitting, otherwise, your fleet would be destroyed.

The app is free to download and free to use. It does include in-app purchases for upgrade features like ad-removal at $5.99, Lobby Chat Unlock at $1.99, Super Booster Megapack for $5.99, among few other unique items to make your gameplay even more awesome.

How to Download

To download, go to the Apple App Store and search for the app by the name ‘Sea Battle: Fleet Battle game’. When you're found the correct search result, click it to go to its app page. From there you can read more about the app, including user reviews, and then click ‘Get’ to begin downloading to your device. 

Android users can also download the game onto their devices through the Google Play Store. Simply search ‘Sea Battle’ and you will find the game by BYRIL. On the apps page, click ‘Install’ to begin downloading to your device. 

Accept requirements or permissions for the app and then start the download. After it has been downloaded, please wait for it to install and you are ready to start playing. Avoid other platforms that promise the game other than Apple Store as they could be hacks that can corrupt your information.

How to Play

As a player, you can direct a single fleet at a time or cycle through your fleets. You move fleets by directing them to a chosen heading. The fleet will continue moving towards that direction until they encounter another fleet or land, or they are ordered to stop. 

How to Download and Play the Sea Battle iPhone Game
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When two opposing fleets meet each other, all action stops, and they begin to flash rapidly. Either player may decide to engage in battle, but if neither player engages, after a few moments, the fleets will continue going in the original direction. 

Position your ships at the right places, make accurate guesses of your opponent’s ships, and attack. When you successfully guess all the squares your enemy’s ship sits in, dots will appear around the places the ship will fill in. Remember, do not stop attacking until you clear the whole fleet.

How to Play on iPhone

Playing the game well means you will need to use logic to discover where the fleet is hidden in the sea. Two players will form ship fleets and use battle tactics and strategy to capture their opponent’s harbor. 

Your goal is to destroy the enemy’s ship before he sinks yours. Naval combat is available to players where they use torpedoes, guns, and mines to attack and sink an opposing ship that attempts to stand in their way of getting to the enemy’s harbor.

It involves a series of rounds where the player shoots at five positions on the playing board. You can either play against a friend or a computer system. You can put ships on the playing board using the drag and drop feature and rotate it by double-tapping.

A Good Strategy Is Key

How do you know where to aim while attacking your opponent? Or, how would you know the exact position to place a mine, or other traps when playing. And better yet, how do you bypass the same traps and attacks coming from your opponent to become victorious?

How to Download and Play the Sea Battle iPhone Game
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While much of the strategy does involve a great offense, it's true, having a tight defense also matters so you do not have to worry much about being killed before you make a kill. Do not allow the AI to place your ships: placing them yourself is the best. 

To position your ships, be creative! There are so many ways that can be easily guessed by opponents like crowding the edges. Do not do that!

Artistically changing your positioning may be the smartest move you could ever pull. Hide your small ships carefully as they are essential. The big ships are also important, but you can always use that as a strategy by setting them for your opponents and using the smaller ships for an attack.

How to Take Advantage of Offense

Making the right guesses is crucial and it is important to remember people’s patterns when you play with them. Since you cannot organize your ships diagonally, horizontal and vertically is how you get to attack your opponent.

It is a good move to start by guessing the boxes around the edges and move inwards towards the center. Making a right guess would give you an idea of the pattern your opponent used to hide his ships.

Also, do not bother about making all the right guesses before you start attacking. That alone would take much time and might make you end up with the wrong guesses instead. 

Conclusive Remark

Sea Battle: Fleet Battle game is a game that involves a fleet of the ship from opposing directions moving to invade the other’s harbor. It features timeless gameplay, great graphics, animations, music and is easy to play.

Sea Battle includes many options for interactive gameplay, including with friends locally, online with people from around the world, in training more with the game's AI, or in single-player mode. Download the game today to find out how you could be having more naval battle fun!