Hole.io - Learn How to Play this Game

Are you tired of playing the same type of arcade mobile games? There's one that I highly suggest that incorporates a lot of fun strategies that you can also play with your friends—Hole.io.

Hole.io is a simple arcade mobile game where you get to control a black hole that devours everything that it touches. Played on a city map, the more I consume objects and people, the more I gather points. You'll also encounter other players who have similar objectives as you.


However, the problem now is that they also want to devour you. Get to them first before they get to you. In this guide, I'll tell you more about the objectives of the game, how to get an advantage, how to unlock skins, and more so check it out below.

  • Devour as Many Objects as You Can
  • The Right Time to Swallow a Whole Building
  • Parking Lots Should Be Your Prime Option
  • Check Your Position After Each Match
  • Invite Your Friends Over to Play
Hole.io - Learn How to Play this Game
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Devour as Many Objects as You Can

The main goal of the game is to earn the highest points by devouring objects and other holes. To do this, I have to beat everyone else by making sure that my hole is larger and the only way for it to grow is to devour as many objects as I can. 

Hole.io - Learn How to Play this Game
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There are plenty of objects and people to devour along the way. You may start with a slower pace at first to ensure that you capture all the objects and people. 


There are fire hydrants and even street cones that can be consumed to make your hole larger. Surf through the streets within the city and consume everything in your path. 

Soon enough, your hole will grow larger and you can start picking off other players.

Move Towards the Center of the Map

Your hole will be positioned at the edge of the map when the game starts. As soon as you are free to move, you should start devouring objects as much as you can. What I do afterward is I move my hole towards the center of the map where I can find the game's largest park. 


At this point in the game, my hole is already big enough to consume cars and other objects such as street lamps. The center of the map is where I can find the park where there are busy intersections with people and cars to consume. 

Remember that cars add more points to your score so make each one count.

The Right Time to Swallow a Whole Building

As I begin to devour bigger objects with my hole, it dawned on me that there are still many other larger objects that can be consumed. 

One of which is buildings that are worth four points. At first, I was a bit hesitant in consuming these large buildings since the hole was not yet large enough. But once my hole is large enough to fit a small building, I can then start consuming them. 

One piece of advice that I can give to players who aim to devour a whole building is to make your hole large enough that the building falls inside the hole instead of falling over. Move slowly towards the building and ensure that the building falls in.

Get an Advantage Early on by Watching an Ad

When I first started playing this game, I was often surprised at how fast other players had grown their holes. I then realized that there is an option right before the match starts that will give me the option to start with a larger hole. 

Take advantage of this option whenever it is available. This option will prompt you to watch an ad and, after finishing the ad, you'll start the match with a larger hold. This should give you a good advantage over your opponents. 

Try not to be aggressive with your advantage but instead, push further to make your hole larger by devouring more objects.

Parking Lots Should Be Your Prime Option

Aside from consuming objects along the way or heading towards the park, there are many other locations that I suggest you go to so you can increase the size of your hole. 

Hole.io - Learn How to Play this Game
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One of the best places to go aside from the park is parking lots. Parking lots are filled with cars, other objects, and people that are ripe for consumption. These parking lots normally spawn cars that you can consume and just about anything within the parking lot can be devoured. 

You'll also find drivers and other people running for their lives which you can gobble up once you're done with the cars. Once your hole is large enough, you can swallow an entire parking lot

Do this with many other locations in the game that have a high concentration of objects and people and you'll have a better chance of winning the match.

Eat Other Holes While You Move Around

Once my hole is large enough to devour buildings, this is also the right time to consume smaller holes. Remember that the goal in this game is to grow your hole as large as possible so you can devour other holes and gain the highest points possible. 

While running around the map, I also make sure that I keep an eye out for other holes. I try to avoid holes that are larger than mine but if I do spot a smaller hole, I immediately make a run towards it so I can consume it. 

Devouring smaller holes rewards me with at least 25 points while larger holes tend to give around 50 points. Look around you from time to time to see if there are larger holes coming for you. If they devour you, you'll be out of the game for 10 seconds which puts you in a very disadvantaged position.

Check Your Position After Each Match

After each match, the game will provide a scoring system based on how you fare in the game. 

Hole.io - Learn How to Play this Game
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I always aim to be in the first place since it gives me 20 points. The second position offers 10 points, the third spot gets 5 points, and the rest get two points with the last position only having a single point. 

This point system heavily affects my position on the leaderboards. This is why I always want to get the first spot since it gives the highest amount of points which helps me jump in ranks on the leaderboard. 

Each point counts so every time I win a match, I unlock a new star rank which helps me slowly reach the top position on the overall leaderboard.

Practice Before You Jump into a Match

One of the key techniques to learning how to play the game and mastering it is to practice. The game offers a solo mode where I can practice my skills in playing and understanding the map. 

The map plays a huge role in the game and understanding it is key to winning. Learning where crucial spots are and how you can get there is one of the best techniques that I've learned in the game. 

This has helped me devour as many objects and get a higher score in the game which is why I highly suggest that you practice first before you jump into a real match.

Invite Your Friends Over to Play

The best way to enjoy playing Hole.io is to play with your friends. It's just so much fun when you get to play with your friends and have a good time. 

Hole.io - Learn How to Play this Game
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If you want to have fun with your friends, you can create a multiplayer room, invite your friends, and play together. 

Make sure that the mobile game is installed on each device and connect with them through Bluetooth

You may also have a friend create the multiplayer room for you and wait for their invitation then join the room and start playing the game.

Unlock All Available Skins in the Game

Here's one feature that many players don't know about in Hole.io. There's a way to unlock different skins in this game. You can change the color of the area surrounding your hole right before the game starts. 

Tap the option and choose the skin that you like then hit Play. There's no need to play a lot of matches to unlock other skins. Keep an eye out for updates to get more colors for your chosen hole. 

These skins are for cosmetic purposes and do not provide any strategic advantage in the game.


I've had a lot of fun playing with Hole.io especially when I get to unlock different skins and play with my friends. It's a simple yet very competitive game with a lot of strategies involved. Make sure you follow my tips and tricks above to gain an advantage in the game.

Check out Hole.io at the Google Play Store and the App Store and download the game today.