Dots&Co - How to Get Coins

Mobile Puzzle Two Dots is an immensely popular game, which has seen more than 55 million downloads to date. It's easy to see why. It's a great-looking puzzle game, it's free to play, and there are no ridiculously intrusive ads!

The idea is so simple you can explain it in one sentence: match two dots, score points, and do it fast in order to earn time bonuses. The game will get harder as you advance, but this is where the real fun begins. As you begin to play more and more, you can unlock various bonuses and power-ups that will help you along the way. 


A new take on an old classic, Dots & Co is the ultimate zen puzzler to help you chill out, focus, and relax.  If you're new to the game or looking to brush up on some of your old skills, these tips will help you earn essential coins and boost your score during each round. 

  • Quick Sneak Peek at Dots & Co
  • How to Download the App
  • How to Play the Game
  • Leverage Your Companion Characters Effectively
  • Colorless Dots Are Your Wild Cards
  • Make the Most of the Energy System
Dots&Co - How to Get Coins
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Quick Sneak Peek at Dots & Co 

Launched in 2014 by Developer dots, the creators of the popular mind-bender games, Dots & Co is the sequel to the smash-hit Two Dots. It features an exciting cast of new characters, plus all-new modes that challenge your puzzle-solving skills.  

Dots&Co - How to Get Coins
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If you've ever played Dots, you know how satisfying it is to connect dots of the same color to clear them off the board.


In Dots & Co, everything's new. Including your ability to connect more dots with single taps! There are also tons of fun new modes, like Color Switch, where you keep switching back and forth between two colors. 

Super-Charge Companions and Hundreds of Levels

Even better, there are newly introduced companions who you can super-charge by clearing out special triangles and earn valuable power-ups that help you reach your goals.

You can play one of 500 new and completely original levels that each have their own specific goals—whether you're clearing a specific number of dots, or clearing blocks from the game board. 


Stay on the path and you'll earn some helpful power-ups like bad block removers, diagonal dots, extra time, and more. 

How to Download the App

The Dots & Co game is one of the most downloaded and favorable free games among users. The game takes up less than 100 MB and can be downloaded free of charge on any Android or iOS device

Dots&Co - How to Get Coins
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What's even better is the fact that it doesn't require an internet connection once it is downloaded. So, it can be even played during flights or in any area where there is no internet connection. 

Plus, there are numerous additional in-game purchases ranging from $1 to $1,000, including more complex puzzles and more advanced levels. The gameplay is easy to learn and play, but difficult to master. 

Play Solo or with Friends

Dots & Co will exercise your brain as it builds your skills in observation, planning, and execution. 

Play solo (you vs. the dots) or face off with up to three friends in a colorful challenge and connect your way through thousands of puzzles. Become a Dot Master by connecting four poker-style as you try to cover more area than your opponent. 

Collect stars for rewards and bonuses, earn points for popping multiple dots at once, and use dots strategically to gain the upper hand.

How to Play the Game

Dots & Co is a fun and easy-to-play game that requires logic, skill, and a little inspiration to solve the puzzle. Simply tap and hold on one dot and then drag your finger across the screen to tap all the other dots of the same color.  

Dots&Co - How to Get Coins
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The first level serves as an introduction to the gameplay where you precisely have to click on the colored dots in accordance with their colors. You’ll win one point for every two dots within a row, column, or diagonal line. 

You’ll also unlock bonuses for completing a certain number of lines, chains, or clusters of dots. Complete level 1 and unlock level 2, and so on. 

All scores are recorded on a global leader board which enhances competitiveness and provides an individual ranking system.

Collect Colorful Dots

While the game consists of short but tricky missions, there’s one thing they all have in common—your goal is to collect dots of different colors. That, however, is not as easy as it sounds. For one thing, you must complete each level within a specific number of moves, and for another, you must collect the dots in all the colors.

As the game progresses, you have fewer moves, but more dots to collect. Fortunately, there are some cool tricks to help you reach the dots faster. 

Not to mention, there are several in-game coins for you to use that will help you get through the levels with ease! Let's look at some of these tricks for collecting the dots faster.

Leverage Your Companion Characters Effectively

To excel in the Dots & Co, use the companion characters to their full potential. Starting with Anita the Penguin on level 7, you can use them to collect puzzle pieces and prize bubbles or to discover hidden treasures

Dots&Co - How to Get Coins
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Many of the characters help you with special abilities, such as a Snowflake that freezes blasts and whirlwinds, or a Sailor with a rubber duck that soaks up water around him. 

Also, don't forget Eskimo Terence who helps you create ice pillars you can use as steps. 

Pro Tip

Focus on filling up your companion’s meter by matching the triangular dots found on the puzzle board. 

Once the meter is full, unleash the special attack to clear out those pesky dots. 

Colorless Dots Are Your Wild Cards

If you’re looking to gain more coins, link dots more easily, and score everything from classic four-in-a-row to new and surprising super-moves, then colorless dots could be your rescue! 

Dots&Co - How to Get Coins
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Colorless dots are color-neutral, meaning they can work with any colour square. They even turn into wild cards if used correctly. 

So don't assume that colorless dots are just boring placeholders. They're powerful enough to perk up your gameplay and help you gain control of the board.  Once you find a colorless dot, you can match it to any other dot you like! 

For example, if you have three blue dots and one colorless dot, you can match the colorless dot to any of your blue dots to make a line of four blue dots. This gives you the highest score per dot and makes it easier to set off large combos! 

Take Your Chances

Stay zen and always think one dot ahead! You might be tempted to use a colorless dot and make a move to destroy colored dots on your way. 

Instead, you should use it when you have a chance to make a four-dot square and finish off the level faster!

Make the Most of the Energy System

Energy is an important aspect of Dots & Co and it is represented by a red orb at the top of the screen. You can't play the game unless you have three energy units that can help move dots and complete a level. 

Dots&Co - How to Get Coins
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Your goal is to score the maximum number of stars by connecting as many dots as possible within the time allotted. One star is one unit of energy regained, two stars give you two units back, and three stars give you all three units that were lost. 

In this fast-paced, high-score chasing game, you’ll connect dots to earn cogs, which are the game’s currency displayed on the top right corner of your screen. 

Get More Cogs

Cogs are randomly earned by matching at least three dots of the same color. In fact, they’re used as currency to solve new puzzles and clear them in a single move. 

Even better, they’re what you use to get more hearts for your companions so that you can trust them in more heavy situations. 

You can earn even more cogs by building longer chains, and unlocking the next puzzle even sooner!

Dots&Co - How to Get Coins
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The Bottom Line 

Dots & Co is a simple but challenging puzzle game. It tests both your patience and strategic skills as you try to connect the dots in the optimal order. Play at your own pace, master levels one by one, and take your time to assess your next move. 

Bonus Tip: When you sense there’s a pattern, build on it by pushing more dots in that direction. Pay attention to where dots fall. If a cluster is on the move and you notice it will reach an empty spot, wait until they arrive.