Wood Puzzle - See How to Get Money

There are times when I just need to play a game that doesn't involve complex gameplay or complicated mechanics. This is why I came across Wood Puzzle and fell in love with its simplicity. There are no convoluted mechanics involved and the gameplay is straightforward.

In Wood Block Puzzle, all I need to do is place blocks on the board and fill up as many spaces as possible. Once a line or column is completed, the blocks are removed from the board to make room for more. 


However, it does take a lot of patience and time to learn how to play the game well. Here's how you can play better and earn money as well as some helpful techniques and tips for the game. Check out the guide below.

  • Playing Wood Block Puzzle
  • Focus on Clearing Blocks to Earn Money
  • Clear Two or More Line of Blocks as Much as You Can
  • Try to Leave Some Space for Large Blocks
  • Create Your Own Opportunities
Wood Puzzle - See How to Get Money
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Playing Wood Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle is an addictive mobile puzzle game where I get to place wooden blocks of different shapes and sizes to fill up the board. 

Connecting a line with the blocks will remove them from the board. The more blocks that I remove the more I get to earn points and fill up the meter to earn the rewards. 


To place the pieces on the board, tap and hold the block to pick it up and hover it over to where you want to place it. Release the block and it will snap into the grid if it fills up the space. 

However, the blocks won't be placed if it does not correlate with the given space.

Downloading the Game

Woody Block Puzzle is available on the mobile platform through the Google Play Store and the App Store


Download the game by searching for the title on the respective platforms and tapping Install. Tap Open once the game is fully installed. 

The game also offers in-app purchases so you might want to set up your payment method if you want to support the game.

Focus on Clearing Blocks to Earn Money

The main objective of Wood Block Puzzle is to connect a series of blocks. Once they are connected, they are removed from the board. 

Wood Puzzle - See How to Get Money
Image Source: APK Pure

Some blocks contain certain items like flowers and wood and these introduce a new dimension of gameplay which I'll explain later. For now, focus on clearing blocks to earn points. 

The more points that you get, the more you earn money. If you look at the top portion of the screen, there's a gauge where you get to collect treasure chests and the trophy at the end. 

Clearing blocks will fill up that gauge and ultimately reward you with chests that can contain money. Don't forget to grab those keys as well to open up the treasure chests that you've collected.

Start with a Bang

The first block that you place on the board is one of the most important blocks in the game. This will dictate the way you will be playing the round. Always make sure that you start strong and provide plenty of opportunities to open up your board by placing blocks in the middle. 

Having blocks in the middle will give you different ways to connect the other blocks across the board. Whatever block you have, make sure that you aim to place it in the middle. 

There are also instances that you'll have to start on the side of the board but I would highly recommend that you place blocks in the middle whenever possible.

Clear Two or More Line of Blocks as Much as You Can

Wood Block Puzzle doesn't have a time limit so I always have the time I need to figure things out, especially when there aren't any clear solutions to the puzzle. 

Wood Puzzle - See How to Get Money
Image Source: Google Play Store

If I think carefully, there are also instances where I also get the chance to clear two or more lines of blocks by connecting them together. This allows me to clear a large portion of the puzzle board immediately. 

Take advantage of the unlimited time to play the game and focus on slotting each block to get a combo. At first, it can be very difficult to do so but, keep on playing the game and, you'll find yourself with the spatial capacity to see where you can work out a combo. 

Getting combos rewards me with more points or even allows me to complete certain objectives at the given level.

Complete Objectives to Win More Points

Speaking of objectives, Wood Block Puzzle tries to spice things up by placing objectives in each round. Some of these objectives are very simple while others will truly test your wit. 

One objective that I've come across required me to clear a line of puzzles that had flowers in them. Once I was able to clear at least three, the objectives are met and the round would end. 

Make sure that you focus on clearing the objectives in these rounds to receive the rewards. Another objective is to collect wood by removing blocks but most of the time, they take a lot of time to collect.

Try to Leave Some Space for Large Blocks

Wood Block Puzzle features different kinds of blocks. Some of them take up a little space while others take up a huge amount of space which can be detrimental to my game. 

I've noticed that most of the larger blocks only appear later in the round while the smaller ones tend to appear early on. 

As the game progresses, I always make sure that I leave some space to place the larger blocks or create a large gap in the board to make room for the large blocks. 

This ensures that I will always have some space for the large blocks that are going to be introduced later on. If I'm fortunate enough to deal with a few of them, I would use the smaller ones and fill up the empty spaces.

What to Do if You Can't Clear a Line

There will be times in this game that no matter what you do, you won't be able to clear a line with your current block. It's okay if you're not able to clear a line immediately. Place the block somewhere else but make sure that you place it where it will connect. 

Place it in a line that's near completion so you can place another one whenever the opportunity arises. Remember, the main objective is to clear lines and create combos. That doesn't mean that you'll have to do this with every single block that is presented. 

Playing Woody Block Puzzle is all about creating opportunities and making sure to take advantage of those opportunities. Whenever there's a chance to clear a line, do it. If not, place it strategically.

Create Your Own Opportunities

Many players tend to rely on the blocks that are currently being offered to try and clear lines from the board. Many players have a hard time clearing the game in later stages because they heavily rely on what the game offers them. 

Wood Puzzle - See How to Get Money
Image Source: Google Play Store

In my case, I do not let the game itself dictate how I play the game. Instead, I make my opportunity to fill up empty spaces or create new lines to clear them. It all boils down to perspective especially if I am presented with blocks that seemingly do not fit on my board. 

This change in perspective will give you a different outlook on how you play the game, thus allowing you to be more creative with your block placement. Go ahead and take some risks. 

 As previously mentioned, there's no time limit involved and you can always replay the game if you don't like where it's going. However, risks can also result in greater rewards so you might as well take a few.

Look at Your Options

As I've mentioned before, Wood Block Puzzle is a game about opportunities and how you can make the most out of them. There are three types of blocks offered at the start of the game. As the game will continue to offer different blocks after you've used and placed one on the board. 

With these three blocks, you have three equal opportunities to make something on the board. Look at your options first before you begin and start placing the blocks on the board. Mentally map out how you'll play the round with the three blocks given to you. 

Remember, they are drawn randomly so you'll have to think things through before making the first move.


Woody Block Puzzle is an addictive game that I play whenever I want to kill time. It's a great brain teaser but it can also be painstakingly difficult to solve. I hope the tips I've mentioned above will help make the game a lot easier for you to play.

All in all, it is one of the best puzzle games out there today so try it out!