Blades of Brim - How to Get Epic Loot

Endless runner games can be very repetitive and often lead to stale gameplay. This is the reason why I was searching for a new endless runner mobile game that doesn't bore me to death. Fortunately, I came across Blades of Brim.

Blades of Brim is an endless runner mobile game by SYBO Games. In this game, I play the role of a knight who must fight through countless monsters to become the stalwart protector of the world of Brim. Blades of Brim incorporates a lot of RPG elements making it a very unique mobile game.


Playing Blades of Brim requires a lot of skill and mechanics mastery. This is why I compiled a few tips and tricks including how to get epic loot, how to get a high score, and more in my guide below.

  • Learning How to Play Blades of Brim
  • Focus on Getting a High Score
  • Get New Weapons from Opening Chests
  • Look at the Monster’s Hit Points
  • How to Deal with Bosses
Blades of Brim - How to Get Epic Loot
Image Source: SYBO TV / YouTube

Learning How to Play Blades of Brim

Blades of Brim is all about becoming the best knight the world of Brim has to offer. To do this, players must gather key items and enhance their skills as they fight against invading monsters called Goons

Playing Blades of Brim requires a lot of practice to hone my skills. The game features a lot of mechanics such as escaping enemies, dodging obstacles, and defeating the enemies while also collecting different loot and weapons


Don't forget that you also need to master different combos to eliminate enemies faster. Run, jump, and slash your way to victory and become the greatest knight in the game. 

While this can all be quite challenging to newbie players, there are some tips that I can offer to you to help you level up, boost your equipment, and be on your way to being a formidable knight.

Don’t Skip the Tutorial

The very first thing that I always recommend for learning how to play Blades of Brim properly is to go through the tutorial. Many people might tell you to skip the tutorial but I actually think you should complete the tutorial as soon as possible. 


The tutorial teaches you all the basics of the game including the mechanics and a few gameplay tips. You can then use these tips to help you further in the game. Many of the game's early struggles can be avoided if you play through the tutorial. 

I also got additional items and exclusive rewards by finishing the tutorial, so make sure you complete it.

Focus on Getting a High Score

Many other endless runner games often reward their players by going as far as possible. Things are not the same with Blades of Brim and this is why I prefer playing this over any other endless runner game. 

Blades of Brim - How to Get Epic Loot
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Instead of trying to get far, the game provides a score depending on my performance as a player. 

I am often rated through the combos I've made and the number of monsters that I was able to eliminate along the way. I highly suggest that you try to focus your game on eliminating as many monsters as possible to get a high score. 

Getting a high score means getting a good amount of coins and loot at the end of each level.

How to Get Epic Loot in Blades of Brim

Loot is very important in Blades of Brim. I can gather loot from defeating monsters along the way. It is also equally important to know how to get loot and store them. 

When it comes to collecting loot, I always make sure to stash everything whenever I come across a checkpoint. I often do this to prevent losing it in case I lose all of my lives. Failing to stash my loot at a checkpoint means that I lose everything that I worked hard for in the game. 

Pay close attention to the distance to the nearest checkpoint. Be sure to drop your loot to store it and don't forget to avoid dying while you're approaching the next checkpoint, or else you'll lose everything.

Get New Weapons from Opening Chests

Weapons are an essential part of becoming a knight in Blades of Brim. There's no player in this game that will survive long enough with the basic weapon that they started the game with. I always make it a point to get new weapons in the game so I can upgrade them later on. 

Blades of Brim - How to Get Epic Loot
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However, the best possible way to get new weapons is by opening chests. These can be purchased using the coins I've earned from completing a level in the game. 

These chests often reward me with cool new weapons. For those who do not want to spend their coins in the game, there are also instances that the game gives chests for free. 

Watch out for random chests that pop out of the screen in the middle of playing the game. Grab them immediately and open them once you're done with the level.

Collect Armor and Pets to Help You in the Game

While weapons are the most important equipment I need to play the game, several other things can help boost my chances of getting to the end. Armor, pets, and boosts are special items that can be used to boost my score or help me jump higher. 

I can only equip an entire set of armor to qualify for the score boost so I always make sure that I get the same set all the time. Pets can be used as mounts that will help me jump higher to avoid hitting large obstacles. 

Pets come in different forms such as dragons, wolves, and many others. Each of them will have a unique set of abilities that deal damage to enemies but the most common one allows me to use double jump.

Look at the Monster’s Hit Points

While playing the game, I noticed that there are numbers at the top of each monster. I realized that this is the amount of health or the number of times I need to use my weapon against them. 

Blades of Brim - How to Get Epic Loot
Image Source: SYBO TV / YouTube

Most monsters often have one hit point which means that I only need to hit them once to defeat them. However, certain monsters have two or more hit points. I noticed that these become more common as the game progresses into the later stages. 

Hitting monsters with one hit point once instantly kills them but others simply flinch or bounce back to attack you. You'll need to hit the others twice or even three times depending on their hit points to eliminate them.

Always Look Ahead of the Path

One of the most basic skills that I learn while playing Blades of Brim is to always look at what's ahead of my character. Much like many other endless runner games, most of the enemies that I encounter in the game are always in front of my character. 

They often appear a few seconds before they get close to the knight so a good reaction time is needed. If you want to develop a good reaction time, you will need to look ahead of the path. This is a great way to start developing such skills so that you'll have enough time to react to the incoming danger. 

This is also the reason why completing the tutorial is important. The tutorial will help you develop this skill early on. It's a useful skill, especially in the later stages of the game where there are a lot of enemies and obstacles to dodge or attack.

How to Deal with Bosses

Bosses are powerful enemies that can take you out of the game if you're not careful. 

It is important that you always keep your eyes on the boss. I noticed that most bosses have very telegraphed attacks

They often wind up before they execute their attacks. This should give you a lot of time to react to the incoming attack and dodge. As always, a fast reaction time is key to winning this game.

Explore the World of Brim

The world of Brim is a vast landscape filled with exciting surprises. I often take my time exploring the land. While it is easier to explore with the help of my pet, those who want to do so without using one can perform wall jumps. 

Wall jumping can be done by jumping to a wall and swiping to the wall to jump again to propel me higher. This has led me to discover a lot of hidden areas in the game.


There are still so many mechanics and tricks that I want to share with you. These are just some of the basics that you need to learn and master before you head to the higher levels. Make sure to follow the tips above to help you progress faster.

Blades of Brim is now available on all mobile devices through the Google Play Store and the App Store.