Royal Match - How to Get Coins

Playing mobile puzzle games always ends up being boring for me. However, I've come across a new mobile puzzle game that has all the features I need to keep me interested in the game. Let me introduce Royal Match.

Royal Match is a unique match-three puzzle game with fun and exciting levels filled with challenging gameplay and marvelous graphics. I also get to collect coins and try to complete my castle while playing the game.


To find out more about the game, check out my guide below. Learn how to get coins, how to get boosters, and more.

  • Check the Entire Board First
  • Complete Various Tasks to Get Coins
  • Use Boosters Only in Dire Situations
  • Avoid Difficult Setups by Matching from the Bottom
  • Join a Club to Get Free Lives
Royal Match - How to Get Coins
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Check the Entire Board First

Royal Match is all about matching puzzle pieces together and clearing the entire board to gain coins and build my castle. 

Matching all the puzzle pieces can sometimes be very challenging but there are a lot of techniques that can be used to make solving these puzzles a lot easier. The first and best way to start solving the puzzle is to check the entire board first. 


I always make sure that I know what I'm doing. By checking the board, I can plan all the moves that I make. 

I'll tell you more about why this is important down below but for now, focus on planning what you want to do. Every move I make counts so I make sure not to waste it.

Be Careful with Your Moves

When playing Royal Match, know that you'll only have a limited amount of moves that you can make at every level of the game. This is a very challenging part of the game since most players tend to forget this part. 


What I usually do is check how many moves are left before making the actual move. Remember when I said that you need to plan every move you make? This is the reason why. Always be careful with how you make a move in this game. 

Being conscious of your number of moves separates you from a newbie player. There are times when I do make a mistake and end up running out of moves. Fortunately, I can use the coins that I've earned and buy a few more moves to save the game.

Complete Various Tasks to Get Coins

Speaking of coins, they are one of, if not the most, important resource in the game. There is no player in this game that does not want to get coins. 

Royal Match - How to Get Coins
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Coins have helped me in so many ways in this game. In this guide, you'll learn more about how to get coins in the easiest and fastest way possible. The best way to get coins is to complete various tasks. There's a list of tasks for players to complete depending on the level of the game they are at. 

I suggest completing them one at a time and collecting the rewards as you go. These rewards include coins, boosters, and many more items. The more coins that I have, the more opportunities I get to build my kingdom

I always play the game and I make sure that I finish each level with a high score to get more bonus coins in the end.

Replay Each Level to Gain More Rewards

There are certain times in Royal Match where I don't get enough points to get a high score. Reaching a high score allows me to get more rewards and we all know how important these rewards are for my kingdom. 

I often just replay the level and make sure that I get the highest possible score, especially if I don't feel like I did my best at a certain level. This way, I always get the rewards that I need at each level. 

The replay option is also a good way to experiment on the different moves or it can also be a good way out if I run out of moves. While it can be time-consuming to replay the same level over and over, it is a good way to earn coins.

Use Boosters Only in Dire Situations

Royal Match offers a lot of features that help players have more fun in challenging levels of the game. I'm very certain that there will always be levels that are very difficult to complete and you'll need all the help you can get. 

Royal Match - How to Get Coins
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When this happens, try to use the tips above first and exhaust all of your efforts into solving the puzzle. There's always going to be that one single move that will change the entire game for the best. 

However, if you're stuck trying to solve the same puzzle for hours, I think it's time for you to use boosters. Boosters are tiles within the board that pop up when you match puzzle pieces together. 

They often help you in clearing the board so take advantage of these boosters especially if you're in a dire situation.

Double Down on Using Boosters

While boosters should only be used during difficult times, there are also instances that boosters have helped me clear the level faster

Boosters are often used to get me out of a sticky situation but when I know that I can complete the level without using any of it, I often use it anyway. There's no point in not using the boosters since they won't be carried over to the next level. 

If you're confident that you can finish the level without using it later on, go ahead and double down on using the boosters found on the board.

Avoid Difficult Setups by Matching from the Bottom

There are just times when things get very difficult in this game. It's no secret that the higher levels often tend to be challenging even for seasoned players of Royal Match. 

Royal Match - How to Get Coins
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However, there are some things that I can do to help ease or even avoid difficult setups. The first thing that I usually do, apart from planning my moves, is match puzzle pieces at the bottom of the board first. 

This way, it shakes up the entire board leaving many opportunities for me to pair and match different pieces together.

Special Items Should Be Your Last Resort

Boosters may be a powerful feature in the game to get me out of challenging situations but there is one more feature that is even more powerful—special items. Special items can be found at the bottom of the screen. 

These special items include the Royal Hammer, Arrow, Jester Hat, and Cannon. Special items have powerful effects in the game and should only be used near the end to reach your goals. 

These items are highly useful especially when I run out of moves and I need to clear up the last few bits of puzzle pieces left on the board.

Join a Club to Get Free Lives

Every time I end up making mistakes in the game, it costs me lives to try and replay the level. Lives are valuable resources that everyone should always be careful of. If you run out of lives, you won't be able to continue playing the game. 

Royal Match - How to Get Coins
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One secret that I'm going to share with you when it comes to lives is that you can always get them for free if you join a club. A club is a group of players who enjoy the game. Oftentimes, they send gifts to other players within the club. 

One such gift is free lives. I always take advantage of this so I can continue to play the game and avoid any downtime. 

Another thing that I like about clubs is that players can have conversations with each other. Through these chats, I learn more techniques and strategies in the game.

Gain Experience by Participating in Events

Events are always a welcome gesture in Royal Match. Most events often give out rewards such as coins and other prizes but for me, the best reward that I can get is experience.  

It is still important to get the most out of the rewards I get from participating in events but the experience points that I earn are very valuable. Each time I win at an event, it gives me a good amount of experience so I can proceed to the next level of the game. 

Boosters and special items are also great rewards when you participate in these events so go ahead and join them.


Royal Match continues to be one of my favorite mobile puzzle games that I've played in a long time. It's the great mix of strategy, fun gameplay, and cool graphics that truly sets it apart from the other puzzle games. Make sure to follow the tips I've mentioned above to help you through some of the tough levels in the game.

Royal Match is now available to download from the Google Play Store and the App Store for all mobile devices.