Pet Rescue Saga - See How to Get Diamonds

If you plan on searching for a new casual puzzle game, you should check out a cute game called Pet Rescue Saga

Match puzzle blocks together to save puppies, pigeons, and piglets. While the main gameplay is simple, unique objectives make every stage of the game interesting and challenging.


You'll need to focus on matching similarly-colored puzzle blocks but that's not all there is to play Pet Rescue Saga. Here are some tips you need to know about the game like how to get diamonds, where to get free lives, and more with the guide below.

  • How to Play Pet Rescue Saga
  • Remove a Large Group of Blocks First
  • Use Boosters When You’re Stuck
  • Take Your Time in Playing the Game
  • Get Free Lives in Pet Rescue Saga
Pet Rescue Saga - See How to Get Diamonds
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How to Play Pet Rescue Saga

The entire premise of Pet Rescue Saga is very simple. All you need to do is match two or more blocks of the same color to remove them from the puzzle board. 

Clearing the entire board from these blocks will let you progress through the next level. This also saves the pets from the Pet Snatchers who have evil plans for the vulnerable pets. 


The challenge here is how you can match more blocks to increase your chance of finishing the level. Moves are also limited which gives the mobile game an extra layer of strategy and difficulty. 

How will you be able to finish the level when there are limited moves? Will you be able to save the pets? Check out more tips below.

Focus on the Objectives of the Game

One of the main reasons why many new players tend to be surprised that they keep on playing the same level over and over is that they don't know about the game's objectives. Each level of the game presents different objectives. 


Some of them will require you to rescue three out of the five pets in the level or clear 75 percent of the blocks within the level. Sometimes, there are levels where you will need to rescue all of the pets. 

Look out for more difficult challenges and objectives like rescuing pets with 40 to 50 moves left. No matter what the objectives are at each level, it is always best to follow them and accomplish all the goals for you to progress to the next level.

Remove a Large Group of Blocks First

There are a lot of ways to play Pet Rescue Saga effectively. Since moves are limited, you will need to plan all of your actions in this game. 

Pet Rescue Saga - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: Skillgaming / YouTube

Randomly picking blocks to match is not the most ideal way of playing the game as you run the risk of spending your limited moves way too fast. 

This is why you need to check the puzzle board first and check if there are large groups of blocks with similar colors. Remove any large group first before you focus on the smaller groups. 

This way, you take out a huge chunk of the puzzle board without using too much of your limited moves. You can use the rest of your moves to take out the smaller groups without any hesitation.

Focus on Getting Stars

You'll notice at the lower portion of the screen that there's a meter where it slowly fills up every time you match blocks together. The amount of blocks you match affects the way this meter is filled up. The more blocks you match, the faster it fills up. 

When the meter is full, it will then provide you with stars. The more stars you earn, the more coins you'll receive at the end of each level. Coins are the game's main currency and are often used to purchase many items. 

Always make sure that you try to fill up the meter before you end the level to receive the rewards. You will need all the coins that you can get especially when you need to complete levels with difficult objectives.

Use Boosters When You’re Stuck

After playing a few levels in the game, you'll receive a notification that you have unlocked boosters. You'll be able to get a free booster to use on a single level to test its power. 

Pet Rescue Saga - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: Malavida

Boosters change the way you play the game. It shakes up the fundamental way of playing Pet Rescue Saga. 

Boosters, such as the column blaster rocket, destroy a large group of same-colored blocks which will make the level a lot easier for you to complete. 

However, this booster can only be activated when it becomes fully charged. The only way to charge this booster is to keep on matching blocks. Once it is available, use it in the most effective way by selecting the column that you want to destroy.

Learning Which Booster to Purchase Using Your Coins

There are many other boosters that you can purchase in the game. Some might cost you real money while others can be bought using your coins. 

The Block Buster is a great booster to chip away at different tiles. The Color Pop booster lets you free up some blocks and remove them from the board, especially if they are the same color. 

These boosters are readily available for players to purchase so be sure to take advantage of them.

Take Your Time in Playing the Game

Many other match puzzle mobile games tend to include a timer to add more challenge to the game. Pet Rescue Saga is different from any of these puzzle games as it focuses more on strategy and objective play. 

Pet Rescue Saga - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: skillgaming / YouTube

Probably one of the most important tips that you will ever read in this guide is to take your time when playing the game. Do not be pressured to match blocks the moment you get into the game. 

There is no time limit so you don't need to play the game as fast as you can. Pet Rescue Saga even encourages you to play slowly and focus on solving the puzzle. 

Always remember that there is no time limit, especially in stages where you need to rescue all the animals. These levels are one of the most difficult in the game and will require a lot of patience and concentration from the player. 

Plan Your Moves Before Making One

With that in mind, it is best that you observe the entire puzzle board first before you make your first move. Plan everything accordingly. Since moves are limited in Pet Rescue Saga, you will have to think of your next move as your last and try to match as many blocks as possible.

Planning all of your moves will help you clear levels faster. Try to consider the use of boosters as well and how they will affect your next few moves when planning. 

Look at the puzzle board from the top down to the bottom and see which areas have a concentration of similar-colored blocks. This should be the area where you make your first move and then move on to the next.

Get Free Lives in Pet Rescue Saga

Lives or hearts are important in Pet Rescue Saga. They are your lifeline and without them, you won't be able to play the game. 

Pet Rescue Saga - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: skllgaming / YouTube

Most players want to exhaust all of their lives when playing the game while others want to play conservatively since they don't want to deplete all of their lives immediately. 

There is one way of getting free lives in this game and that's simply by asking your friends. Check your inbox and see if messages are coming from your friends that mention anything about giving you a free life. 

Make a habit of checking your inbox to see if you've received free lives. You may even get to send one for free to your friends as well. It pays to have good friends online.

Where to Get Diamonds

Apart from coins, there is also another resource in the game that is usually overlooked by many players. Diamonds are also part of Pet Rescue Saga. They are often caged in glasses and surrounded by puzzle blocks. 

Diamonds play a significant role if you want to increase your earnings when playing Pet Rescue Saga. To get them, all you need to do is to break them open by matching blocks near them. Whenever you release a diamond, it will provide you with extra points so you'll have more coins after finishing the level. 

One good way to get diamonds immediately is to use your boosters, especially ones that deal area-of-effect damage. This way, you don't have to worry about matching blocks nearby to get them.


Those who are fond of playing match puzzle games will surely be surprised with how cute and fun Pet Rescue Saga is to play. The tips mentioned above should help you in difficult challenges in the game so be sure to apply them.

Pet Rescue Saga is now available on Android and iOS through the Google Play Store and the App Store.