Learn the Pros and Cons of Stardew Valley iOS

Quarantine days have seen the birth of hundreds of millions of video games. Developers knew people would be idle and therefore in need of games to keep people busy. Different genres were developed including shooter, Sci-fi, action, puzzle, race, adventure and role-playing, among others. 

Stardew Valley is one of the games that have become so popular with time. Every developer's dream is for their game to be accessible on every platform. While most games are only accessible on consoles and computers, Stardew Valley has gone a step further and is now available on mobile. 


Stardew Valley is only available on iOS devices which means that there is room for expanding to Android devices. This comes with pros and cons that we are going to talk about below.

Learn the Pros and Cons of Stardew Valley iOS
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Lets firstly look at the pros of Stardew Valley on your iOS device.

Not like Other Mobile Ports

Mobile versions of games tend towards being crummy ports, but since you can play on-the-go, you have to download it anyway. Concernadape is the machine man that created the original game and continues to add fantastic content for free. He received help with additions like adding multiplayer to the game and porting it to consoles.


One advantage of this game is that the game would not turn into a pay to play format which most mobile games are. With Stardew Valley, you pay USD 7.99 once, and you will have access to the full experience. This makes the game worth more in gameplay value as more gamers will be looking for it. 

As if that’s not enough, the game offers more value in fishing, farming, mining, foraging and fighting. It also has stories behind every NPC character, and there are 12 marriage candidates to pursue. It doesn't matter how many hours you sink into this mobile version; you will get your money’s worth.


Portability is one of the advantages of mobile version games. The fact that you can pick up the game and play on-the-go is good enough. When you download the game on your device, it enables you to sneak in your gaming fix anywhere anytime. 


Moreover, you can play the game entirely offline, providing you with the benefit of playing the game during long car rides or long flights. The game is easy to share and play with others because it requires you to pass on your phone to a friend as opposed to taking them home to play on a PC or console.

Changes to Mechanics

The mechanics in the game were inbuilt to fit the mobile market. With just a click away, you can make most movements and take action. Sometimes though, this can be both annoying and great. It is excellent in that it makes farming simple. You get precise when it comes to hoeing, watering planting and harvesting of plants.

It makes travelling to locations and travelling very easy. You have to click the location where you want to go, and your character automatically goes there instead of you having to drag your character all over. To make up for fact fighting, fishing now feels great as opposed to the PC version where mouse clicks would be frustrating and imprecise.

Learn the Pros and Cons of Stardew Valley iOS
Image Source: Stardew Valley


Phones that are used to play games are known to get low battery power. Most times, the game drains the phone, and it will keep dying quickly as you play. In the mechanics bit, when you select on the cash instead of the bluish display case, your character goes behind the cash and get close to Pierre. If you need this precision level, it will apply to Willy and other vendors.

Fighting in the mines will depend on how you like to play. The auto fight button automatically fights the enemies for you but takes power away from the player. Much as you turn off the auto fight, you are likely to take damage since your fighting and movement are linked. This part is not liked by many gamers and therefore is a big con.

Last Remark

Stardew Valley mobile has got a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Some of the benefits are; it is easy to share the game with friends since you pass the game over as opposed to console or PC games that require you to be home. Also, the mechanics are very favorable as with just one click; you can take action and make movements. Disadvantages include draining the battery.