Bounce Ball Adventure - How to Get New Skins

Help save the world from monsters with the help of Bounce Ball in this new mobile game - Bounce Ball Adventure. In this version, I play a red ball that can roll over, jump through platforms and obstacles, defeat enemy monsters, and change its physical appearance through skins. 

Travel through different terrains from forests to the prairies down to the construction yard. With so many levels to play, the game becomes increasingly difficult as each level requires players to use their wit to solve puzzles and collect gold coins along the way. 


Find out how you can play the game, how to get new skins, where to get extra lives, and more with my guide below.

  • Collect New Skins
  • Follow the Instructions
  • Don't Forget to Tag the Checkpoint
  • Use Crates as a Jumping Board
  • Watch Ads to Gain Gold Coins and Hearts
Bounce Ball Adventure - How to Get New Skins
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Collect New Skins

I'm going to cut straight to the chase and tell you where you can get new skins in the game. As soon as I play each level, there's a floating orb that I can collect. 

Bounce Ball Adventure - How to Get New Skins
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These floating orbs are your new skins and whenever you collect them, it will immediately change your skin from the red bouncing ball into the skin represented by the orb. 


While you can use the skin of your choice through the in-game shop, you will have to purchase them using real money. 

I think it's better to check out the ones within each level and collect them so you can change your skin as you play.

Get Permanent Skins by Purchasing Them

Collecting the skin orbs inside each level changes the skin only within that level. You refresh in the default skin whenever you play the next level. So, if I want a permanent skin, I would have to buy them in the in-game store


There are two types of permanent skins in the game. The coin skins are skins that are purchasable through the use of the gold coins that I collect by playing the game.

Another set of skins are the premium skins which can only be acquired by chance through watching a video ad or buying them using the in-game premium currency.

Follow the Instructions

Each level presents a different obstacle that every player must surpass to get to the end. In the early levels, there isn't that much difficulty or any complex obstacle or puzzle that needs to be solved. 

Bounce Ball Adventure - How to Get New Skins
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As you climb to higher levels, it begins to feel more difficult. Don't fret as the game will still teach you how to solve different puzzles at each level. 

There are billboards that contain instructions on how to solve the puzzles such as using the arrow button to move a wooden crate so you can use it as a jumping board to reach a higher platform. 

As long as you read the instructions, you'll know what to do in each level.

Collect Power-ups Along the Way

As I roll over hills and jump over platforms, there are also other items besides gold coins and orbs that I can collect. There are power-ups that help me finish each level quickly such as the magnet power-up that attracts and collects gold coins without having to run over them. 

There are many kinds of power-ups waiting to be discovered in the game but the magnet is clearly one of the best in the game as it lets me focus on finishing each level without having to think about collecting coins along the way. 

Check out every corner of each level and see if you also get some surprise power-ups and skin orbs.

Don't Forget to Tag the Checkpoint

I noticed as I go through some levels that there are posters with a checkmark on them. I didn't pay enough attention to this before so I was just going through each level like I was supposed to. 

Bounce Ball Adventure - How to Get New Skins
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Then, in the later stages of the game where it becomes quite difficult especially with more difficult obstacles and traps, there will be times when I die and restart the entire level. 

This can be avoided by simply tagging the checkpoint so when I die or fall off, I immediately respawn at the checkpoint whenever I still have hearts or lives to spare. Never forget to tag a checkpoint when you encounter one. It will save you a lot of time from replaying each level. 

Additionally, if you find yourself getting stuck in a difficult level, you can always choose to skip the level by watching an ad.

Destroy Enemies By Jumping on Them

After a few levels in the game, things started to feel quite easy, that is until I encountered my first enemy. Most of the early levels only contained a few platforms and some obstacles to get over. But as soon as the game hits around level 10, certain enemies are introduced such as blocks with angry faces. 

If you do encounter one, try not to run them over, or else you run the risk of losing a life, especially when it comes to the spiked ones. The best way to deal with this type of enemy is to jump over them and continue with the level. 

If you want to increase your score, you can jump on top to defeat them just like other platformer games. Remember, you only have three lives in every level before you start over again so be sure to avoid getting hit by the enemy.

Use Crates as a Jumping Board

There are times in the game where I find myself looking for a way to get to a platform that is hard to reach. Then, I remember that there are also wooden crates lying around that can be used as a jumping board to get to another platform.  

Bounce Ball Adventure - How to Get New Skins
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Most of the time, the game introduces either a wooden crate or a boulder as a way to get across a certain obstacle. Make good use of the crates to help you get to some areas in the game that are difficult to reach. 

You'll be surprised at the prizes waiting for you if you ever get to some of these secret locations

There are also many other ways to use these wooden crates. You can even use crates to hold a button so you can go through a door.

Spin the Wheel for Rewards

Gold coins and lives are two of the most essential aspects of Bounce Ball Adventure. Gold coins would help me get the coin skins that I want while extra lives are always better to have especially in the later levels. 

It can be difficult to find extra lives in the game since they're not given for free. However, I've discovered that there is one way to get them without having to search for them throughout the game. 

On the main screen, you'll notice that there is a spinning wheel on the left side. Tap the wheel and spin it for a chance to earn rewards such as free skin, gold coins, and extra lives.

Watch Ads to Gain Gold Coins and Hearts

If you want to add more gold coins and hearts for your character, there is still another way to do so. This will involve watching a lot of ads so you should be prepared to do this. 

Bounce Ball Adventure - How to Get New Skins
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At the right side of the main screen, you'll notice there's a gold coin and a heart button. Tap either one of those options to play an ad. 

After watching the ad, the game will randomly give you a certain amount of gold coins or hearts that you can use later on. 

I suggest doing this as soon as you log in to the game so you'll have more hearts to play with.

Check Out the Daily Login Rewards

If that is still not enough, I also suggest that you check out the calendar option found at the top left corner of the home screen. These are the daily login rewards that are made available to you if you log in to the game on consecutive days. 

There are gold coins, hearts, and free skins waiting to be acquired so make sure to log in every day. You can also double the amount of the reward you get by watching an ad. 

Around the seventh day, you should be able to receive an additional 10,000 gold coins, 10 extra lives, and a premium skin with the chance of doubling the amount if you watch a video ad.


Bounce Ball Adventure will keep you entertained for quite some time with over 150 levels to play. Make sure to follow the tips above to help you earn gold coins to purchase coin skins or better yet, afford the premium ones.

Bounce Ball Adventure is now available for download on the Google Play Store for Android devices.