Warspear Online - How to Get Miracle Coins

Many MMORPGs back in the day had that uniqueness to them that make them very appealing to many players including me. Today, I find a lot of new MMORPGs to be boring, repetitive, and dull. Gone are the days where I get to enjoy partying up with my friends just to raid dungeons or take down bosses.

In Warspear Online, I finally get to experience the same feeling as the game allows me to create unique heroes, team up with friends, fight monsters and bosses, collect items, raid dungeons, and more.


The game has a very old-school feel to it that appeals perfectly to the nostalgic player like me. If you want to learn more about the game, how to earn miracle coins, how to level up faster, where to find money, and more, check out my guide below.

  • Getting Started with Warspear Online
  • Don't Worry About Guilds for Now
  • Try to Invite Other Players into Your Party
  • Where to Get Miracle Coins
  • Play the Arena Every Day
Warspear Online - How to Get Miracle Coins
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Getting Started with Warspear Online

The very first thing that I noticed when I first played Warspear Online is the number of classes that were present. There are more than 10 different classes to choose from like the thief, shaman, warlock, priest, mage, paladin, and many others.

Not only that, each class has its own distinct set of abilities that make them unique. All of these classes have specific roles in the game so I urge you to study each one or at the very least familiarize yourself with what each class brings to battle.


There are also two factions to choose from as well as hundreds of personal achievements tied with unique rewards as well as weapons, costumes, accessories, armors, and many others.

Level Up Through Quests

There's one common mistake that I often see in new players when they first start playing this game. Oftentimes, I see them grinding their characters for experience at the start of the game.

This is not the most effective way of leveling up as it takes a lot of your time. Grinding is the act of killing the same set of monsters over and over until you outgrow the experience that they give. I don't recommend grinding for experience, especially in the first 10 levels of the game.


Instead, I would rather have you go through the quest system which allows for a better experience and will often give you some nice rewards to help you level up much faster.

Don't Worry About Guilds for Now

Another common thing that I notice with players in Warspear Online is that they immediately jump into the idea of joining a guild. While yes, it does have a lot of benefits, joining a guild at the early stages of the game will only be detrimental to your game.

Warspear Online - How to Get Miracle Coins
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Many players will want to take you out simply because you have your guild's banner with you.

Joining a guild does have its benefits but don't worry too much about joining one especially if you're still below level 10.

If you must, wait for a while until you reach around level 20, and then many players will want you to join their guild.

Sell Items that You Don't Use for Money

Whenever I check my inventory, I'm always surprised at how much junk I've collected while playing the game. I have to sift through so many items in my inventory just to see which ones are useful and which ones are not.

Afterward, I then discard them by selling these items through some NPC or non-playable characters in the game.

There are a lot of NPCs that will accept your items and in exchange provide you with money for them but there are specific NPCs that often give the best rate. Try and search for the Second Hand Dealer to make even more money out of your junk.

Try to Invite Other Players into Your Party

There are a lot of times in this game where I find myself completely lost while doing a quest. Most of the time, I end up having to start over again just to make sure that I went to the right location or follow the objectives of the quest.

Warspear Online - How to Get Miracle Coins
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The best way to avoid this experience is by inviting other players who are also doing the same quest into your party.

This way, you get to make new friends and also get to help them as well as yourself level up. You can even continue doing many more quests if you want.

You won't be able to play this game alone so be sure to always have a party especially when you begin to tackle some difficult quests.

Avoid Dying in this Game

Warspear Online is an action-packed MMORPG. You tend to get lost in the action and sometimes, you end up dying. During my early levels in the game, I was dying a lot. While it is inevitable that you'll die in the game, if you can, try not to.

Dying can cause your gear to deteriorate faster than usual. Repair scrolls might be available to help repair your items back to a hundred percent durability but it costs a lot of gold.

I'm also not fond of repairing my items multiple times a day. It can cost a lot of gold and time so I try my best to avoid dying as this is the only reason why weapons and other items lose their durability quickly.

Where to Get Miracle Coins

Miracle coins are the premium currency used in Warspear to purchase new items, repair your equipment, and much more. However, these can only be obtained if you have the money to purchase them.

Warspear Online - How to Get Miracle Coins
Image Source: Steam

Many players will easily want to know how and where to get free miracle coins and I'm going to teach you how. There are many ways to earn miracle coins in the game without having to use money.

First, you can answer some surveys in the game. Check your inbox and see if you've received some surveys from the developers and answer those. They will reward you with some miracle coins for you to use.

Another is to watch ads. Watching ads will give you a good amount of miracle coins.

Use Miracle Coins to Buy and Resell Items for Gold

As mentioned before, miracle coins can be used to purchase exclusive items at the in-game shop. These items are quite powerful and can be used to help you level up much faster.

However, if you are low on gold, you can always buy items using your miracle coins and resell them for gold. Most of these items cost a lot of gold and players will easily want to purchase these powerful items.

It's a good investment to make especially if you have outgrown the item that you've purchased. Make good use of them by reselling them so other players can buy and also make good use of these items.

Play the Arena Every Day

One of the main reasons why players want to get to the endgame is to see how their characters become more powerful. I cannot stress this enough especially for players who want to have the strongest character in the game.

Warspear Online - How to Get Miracle Coins
Image Source: Steam

The arena is the best place to earn arena points. Arena points are then used to purchase some of the most powerful items, weapons, and equipment in the game.

If you want your character to be powerful, I suggest playing the arena every day and farm for arena points. I've also tried purchasing some items using the arena points and then selling them to the NPC for some gold as well.

At the end of each season, players who have the highest amount of wins in the arena will also get exclusive rewards.

Read Everything

Warspear Online is a game where you get to accomplish different quests to level up and earn gold to buy new items. The game heavily emphasizes questing as the main method of leveling up.

When it comes to questing, many players tend to accept the quest without reading the objective of such a quest. This leaves them running around in circles for several minutes and wastes a lot of time in the game.

It would be much better if you read carefully to save yourself time and effort, especially in quests where you need to fetch something for an NPC. Most of these quests will require you to travel far distances so you need to have everything on hand before you surrender them.

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Warspear Online is a classic MMORPG that is made for the casual audience. I've played this game a lot as it reminded me of the old-school MMORPGs back in the day. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you through the early levels in the game as well as deep into the endgame levels.

Warspear Online is now available for download on mobile through the Google Play Store and the App Store.