Summoners War - How to Farm Mana

Developed by Com2uS, Summoners War is a polished role-playing strategy game that introduces complex mechanics. Assemble a team from over a thousand different monsters, and the battle over resources called mana. 

Compete against other players in PvP battles, explore dungeons, expand your collections, and even decorate your little village. If you are a beginner, it will take time to learn all of the mechanics. You will need tips to help you get through the tough early levels in this game. 


You'll find those tips in this guide, where you'll learn which monsters are essential for your game, where to farm mana, how to deal with enemies, and more. 

  • Know Each Type of Monsters in Summoners War
  • How to Deal with Enemies
  • Where to Get Summoning Scrolls
  • Farming for Mana
  • Join an Active Guild
  • Synergize Your Monsters
Summoners War - How to Farm Mana
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Know Each Type of Monsters in Summoners War

You probably know that there are thousands of different types of monsters available to play on Summoners War. However, there are only three monsters that you need to pay attention to. 

These monsters are what I call "the crucial ones" that will make or break your game. These three monsters include Rainbowmon, Angelmon, and Devilmon. I've encountered all three of them in the game, and they have given me tremendous benefits for my game. 


Rainbowmon is used to evolve other monsters, Angelmon helps level up the monsters, while Devilmon increases the skill level of other monsters. Out of the three, Devilmon has been the most difficult to find, in my experience. 

Additionally, don't try to give these monsters runes and never take them to battle as they are quite useless.

Don't Forget to Use Special Attacks

Each monster has its own special attack, but it will need time to recharge once used. Timing is key to using special attacks, or you'll end up vulnerable for a long period. 


To maximize the use of such an attack, it is best that you try to open the battle by using the attack immediately. You can then use it later once the attack has fully recharged

This can be your final blow or the critical attack that helps you win the game. Play your special attacks correctly, and it can be one of the most devastating attacks that you can use on your enemy.

How to Deal with Enemies

There's a lot to learn about combat in this game. In my experience, I would rather see monsters in colors instead. Their colors are associated with the elements that they are categorized by, and it makes it easier for me to remember their weaknesses. 

Summoners War - How to Farm Mana
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Red or Fire is weak against Blue or Water and so forth. Having this knowledge against the enemy will help me strategize better.

During combat, I try to focus on a single unit at a time instead of attacking multiple ones. This is called focus fire. I focus all of my attacks on a single enemy and move on to the next. 

This should enable me to work through the enemy line as fast as possible after knowing their elemental weakness.

Build the Arcane Tower Immediately

You may notice that there are a lot of buildings you must construct early on. These buildings can help you develop your monsters as well as help you progress in the game. Some buildings will also unlock even more buildings, and it can be quite tempting to build all of them. 

However, there is one building in this game that I always remind every player to build - the Arcane Tower. The Arcane Tower functions as a defensive structure for your base in case an enemy player decides to attack you. 

The Arcane Tower fires a powerful AoE attack that will immediately lower the enemy monster's health in half. This makes it a lot easier for me to destroy the invading enemy, so be sure to heighten your defenses by having this tower up at all times.

Where to Get Summoning Scrolls

Summoning Scrolls are used for summoning monsters, but they don't come for free. I have to work hard just to get a few of them in the game. 

Summoners War - How to Farm Mana
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Completing missions and other activities has awarded me with a few summoning scrolls, but there is another method for you to get these scrolls in the shortest time possible. 

Join the Arena battles. Arena battles are a great source of summoning scrolls as they reward me with medals that can then be turned into summoning scrolls at the Arena Shop. 

Furthermore, these medals can also be used to purchase Devilmons which is a definite win-win situation for any player who wants to make their monsters stronger.

Play Tower of Ascension

After forming a good team, every player's goal is to conquer the Tower of Ascension

The Tower of Ascension is only available once a month and is one of the best areas in the game to farm rewards. Each stage that I finish earns me different kinds of rewards, and any succeeding victories would further net even more rewards. 

Bring your best team and start conquering the Tower of Ascension once it opens.

Farming for Mana

Mana is another resource in the game that is essential. Farming for mana is a question that I always get from newbies in this game. Here's how you can farm mana and hopefully, provide yourself a solid resource so you'll never have to worry about running out. 

Summoners War - How to Farm Mana
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The most common recommendation that I share is to farm Faimon Hard or Aiden Hell. I always get tons of mana from this area alone, and if you need a steady source, this is the right place. 

You can also try to participate in Double Mana events, but those happen only a few times a month. Once I have a good amount of mana, my next best advice is to avoid spending it on unnecessary things. 

The rule of thumb here is that if you don't need it, don't use it. Try to hold back on using them unless it is very important for your progress.

Farming for Monsters

Apart from mana, you also want to know where you can farm for the best monsters to introduce to your roster. I suggest checking out each mission to farm for either a special item or a specific monster that you'd like to have. 

To do this, simply repeat the mission until you get the monster that you like. It's that simple. But how do you know which missions have the monster that you want to have? It's simple. 

Check out the option called Drop Info first before you accept the mission, and it will feature the rune, monster, and craft materials that you can get once you're done. Keep on repeating the mission as the drops are given at random.

Join an Active Guild

Summoners War is also a social game where I can find other players to socialize with. The guild is a great place to meet other players and get a lot of benefits. 

Summoners War - How to Farm Mana
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Joining an active guild has its merits, including exclusive access to the Guild Store, where I can spend my guild medals and purchase summoning scrolls and more items. 

I can also participate in Guild Wars together with my guildmates and have fun crushing the opposing guild. Always check in with the guild once you log in to the game to earn these guild medals. 

Apart from that, you can also make a lot of free summons every day when you join a guild.

Add Your Friends

One of the many reasons why I love playing Summoners War is that I play it with my friends

I played the game by myself at first and immediately got bored with it. It wasn't until I invited my friends to join me in my guild that the game came to life for me. 

Not only were we able to share different strategies and even trade gifts to each other, but we also get to level up together and make our guild stronger.

Synergize Your Monsters

This is one piece of advice that many players don't often apply in their games. Synergy is key to victory. Many players tend to mix different powerful monsters even if they don't synergize well. 

It's not enough that they have powerful attacks. If they don't synergize with each other, you'll find yourself getting beaten very often. 

A typical team of monsters needs to have a damage dealer, a buffer, a debuffer, and a healer. Each of these roles will synergize well with each other since they cover most of each other's weaknesses. 

Try this strategy during the early stages, and you'll notice that you won't lose as often anymore.

Focus on Finding the Best Runes

Training monsters might be the key to winning battles, but runes are the secret weapon. 

Focus on finding the best runes for your monsters as it amplifies their stats

Get runes that have percentage boosts instead of a flat amount. 


These are all the tips that I can give you for now about Summoners War. You can still learn more about the mobile game by playing but make sure to apply the tips mentioned above to help you gain more advantages

Check out Summoners War on the Google Play Store and the App Store.