Call of Antia - How to Get Diamonds

Match-3 puzzles are very common mobile games, but there is one unique game that combines match-3 puzzle gameplay with base-building and role-playing elements. Call of Antia blends all of these different genres into a cohesive mobile game.

Call of Antia is a popular mobile game that enables players to build their base, gather resources, recruit a roster of heroes, and fight against enemies while also solving puzzles.


If you're interested in playing Call of Antia, check out my guide below on what the game is all about, where to download, how to get diamonds, and more.

  • Go Through the Tutorial
  • Learn More about the Five Elements
  • Build Your Base by Winning Games and Gathering Resources
  • Send Heroes on Missions to Get Rewards and Diamonds
  • Challenge Other Heroes at the Arena
Call of Antia - How to Get Diamonds
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Go Through the Tutorial

If you are still new to this type of mobile puzzle game, I highly suggest that you go through the tutorial first. The tutorial teaches you the most optimal way to play the game. 

It gives you the basic information on how to play and incorporate different notes about the game's mechanics one at a time. Playing the tutorial has allowed me to understand the game better. 


This has also made me appreciate the different features that are unlocked as I go through the tutorial session. 

The early walkthrough in the game through the tutorial should always be experienced by new players, so make sure that you go through the tutorial at least once.

Follow the Chapter Missions

Call of Antia has some of the most complex and longest campaign storylines in any mobile game. While it can be fun to follow through all the stories within the campaign, some players can get confused about where the story is going and how to play the game efficiently. 


I've discovered that the best way to play the campaign is by following the chapter missions. Chapter missions often have specific goals that each player needs to accomplish by playing the game. 

Follow the objectives of each mission and you'll have a better experience when playing the campaign. The rewards I get when I accomplish these missions are also very useful.

Learn More about the Five Elements

There is one gameplay aspect in Call of Antia that every player should know about. The elemental properties will greatly impact the way I play the game. 

Call of Antia - How to Get Diamonds
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There are five different elements in the game, and each one presents its own set of strengths and weaknesses. All elements are represented by a specific color. Red is strong against green while green is strong against blue. 

Blue is commonly used against red. While this trifecta allows for a balanced game, Call of Antia amps up the gameplay by introducing two more elements with the colors purple and yellow. 

When these two are in play, they deal additional damage to each other and do not have any interaction with the other elements apart from themselves.

Form a Well-Balanced Team of Heroes Based on Elements

Call of Antia also incorporates a role-playing aspect to this strategic game. I can form a team of five heroes, which relates to the elements that I was talking about early on. 

Make sure to recruit heroes from all five elements so you'll always have an element that is good against the other elements. Forming a well-rounded team of heroes lowers the risk of your team getting defeated by a team with a specific type of element. 

You can still change your team's composition from time to time to counter a specific team. However, I do not suggest this especially in the early stages where you need to expose yourself to different kinds of enemies to learn more about the game.

Build Your Base by Winning Games and Gathering Resources

Apart from the RPG elements of the game, Call of Antia also has a base-building mechanic. I get to build my town and help it expand by gathering resources and playing more battles. 

Call of Antia - How to Get Diamonds
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Almost all of the resources in the game can be harvested within my town, but there are certain resources that are acquired through battles. 

This is why it is important to have a well-rounded team from the start so can win more often and earn more resources to help your town. 

Use these resources to build different buildings such as camps that generate experience potions, quarries, and mines that help me gather gold and stone. There are also central buildings that help me unlock upgrades or help my resource-generating structures to produce more.

Keep On Building and Upgrading Structures

Playing Call of Antia requires a lot of multitasking. While you are playing the missions, you'll also need to manage your resources, build new structures, send your heroes off to missions, and a lot more. 

Always make sure that while you are playing the game, you're also building a new structure. It takes a lot of time before these structures are completed, so I always make good use of the waiting time to do something else as well. 

Never forget to also upgrade your structures to help them produce more resources.

Send Heroes on Missions to Get Rewards and Diamonds

Speaking of buildings, there is one unique structure that can be found within your base called House. The House won't produce any kind of resources for your town but it allows you to send your heroes out on different quests and missions. 

Call of Antia - How to Get Diamonds
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These missions will take a lot of time to finish. Once your heroes come back and finish the missions, they will bring with them rewards such as experience, gold, or diamonds. Always send your heroes out on these missions, as it will increase their rating in the game. 

The higher their rating, the more rewards you'll get after completing these missions. Remember that when you do send out your heroes on a mission, you can still use them in combat. 

The House feature is a great way to earn rewards for free while you're still playing the game.

Level up Your Heroes

The campaign has a very long storyline which means that there are a lot of stages and different battles to win. Each stage presents new enemies who typically become progressively stronger. 

Help your team of heroes cope with new and stronger enemies by leveling them up using gold and experience potions found within your base. I also make sure that each hero will have a good set of equipment to help make them stronger in battle. 

There are a lot of gold and experience potion rewards given at different stages of the game, so don't worry too much about leveling up your heroes. However, you need to make sure that you use these rewards immediately so you become stronger much faster.

Challenge Other Heroes at the Arena

The Arena is the best way to learn more about heroes and see if they are strong enough. To get to the Arena, tap the Explore button and then choose “Arena”. 

Call of Antia - How to Get Diamonds
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Once I get to the Arena, I can form my team, equip them with items, and then proceed to battle. Winning battles at the Arena will reward me with gold, arena coins, and leaderboard points. 

Each time I earn leaderboard points, my ranking in the game increases as well. This is greatly beneficial to me since the higher I get, the more rewards given. 

However, I also need to be careful when battling in the Arena since losing leaderboard points will affect my ranking, and it will also affect the rewards that I receive.

Get a 3 Star Rating to Get More Diamonds

While playing the campaign, I noticed that the game offers a star rating once I complete each stage. I don't recommend that you try to earn the highest star rating on your first try because that would be pretty impossible to do. 

Instead, I recommend that you play the game normally and complete the missions as usual. You can always go back to these stages later on once you have enough experience in the game. 

By then, you can try and finish each level with a 3-star rating so you can unlock more diamonds as rewards. Complete each level with a 3-star rating, and you'll soon be overflowing with diamonds.

To Sum Up

There are still so many things to discover and features to unlock in Call of Antia. I'll leave you to discover those things for yourself now that you know the basics of the game. I hope you follow through on all the tips mentioned above so you'll have a better experience playing the game.

You can check out the Call of Antia mobile match-3 puzzle and strategy game by downloading it from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.