Baby Manor - How to Get Bottles

Whenever I feel bored, I always download some casual puzzle games on my mobile phone. Some generic puzzle games get boring and less challenging rather quickly but not Baby Manor. Baby Manor is a puzzle game that also features family simulation and home design in its gameplay.

I get to build a home for my family while also raising a baby as I try to solve puzzles along the way. The game's theme fits perfectly together but there are times when I encounter some difficulties. 


Fortunately, I've gathered some tips to help you through Baby Manor including how to play better, collect more bottles, learn more about boosters, and more with my guide below.

  • Match Three Tiles or More
  • Don't Worry About Getting Hearts
  • Check the Objectives Before Playing
  • Get to Know Boosters
  • Replay the Same Level
  • Don't Forget to Finish Quests and Earn Baby Bottles
Baby Manor - How to Get Bottles
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Match Three Tiles or More

The main objective of playing Baby Manor is to match at least three tiles of the same type. However, good players know that matching more than three tiles at a given time is even much better as it unlocks certain bonuses. 

Doing a combo by matching tiles that result in the matching of another set of tiles would exponentially increase the bonus that I get. It is very crucial to learn how to spot possible combos on the board. 


Try not to rush things and check out the entire board first. This way, you get to examine which pieces fit perfectly with each other and see if you can do any combos as you go. 

Clear the Bottom Side First

One very good piece of advice when playing Baby Manor and opening up a world of opportunities to earn bonuses is to clear the bottom area of the board first. 

This releases all the upper tiles and changes the entire landscape of the board thus opening up more chances for you to clear the level fast. Eliminating the bottom tiles first allows you to clear the space and refresh the entire board. 


Do this after you have thoroughly examined the board to try and see if you can get combos and extra bonuses.

Don't Worry About Getting Hearts

Hearts are essential to playing Baby Manor. Every time I play a match, the game takes a Heart whether I win a match or lose one. 

Baby Manor - How to Get Bottles
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There are only five Hearts that can be stored at a certain time so that immediately means that I can only play at least five matches at a time. Many players will think that this is not enough, especially knowing how addicting the game is. 

However, don't worry too much about losing Hearts when you play the game. You can always get a new one every 20 minutes. 

Another quick way of getting Hearts is by asking a friend. Friends can gift you Hearts so whenever you need one to finish a match, you can simply ask for them.

Invite Your Friends

With that in mind, it is always best to try and invite your friends over to play the game. The best way to do this is to connect the game to my social media account. Connecting it to my social media account allows me to directly invite my friends over to try and download the game. 

I can also share all of my achievements in the game and even show them how good I am at playing the game. Moreover, sharing updates through my social media also lets me earn rewards when they click on the link and decide to try the game out. 

For every friend that tries the game, I get rewards so be sure to share them immediately.

Check the Objectives Before Playing

Before I get to start playing the game, I am given the main goal as well as some objectives for each level. Some levels often require me to clear a certain number of obstacles while others want me to finish at a certain number of points. 

Baby Manor - How to Get Bottles
Image Source: Maximumandroid / YouTube

Sometimes, it even requires me to collect several items to finish the level. Always make sure to read each objective carefully before you hit the play button and start the level. 

This will help you save a lot of time and avoid making mistakes that will result in you playing the same level all over again and wasting a few Hearts in the process. 

There's no time limit for you to start the game so don't rush over each level without checking the objectives first.

Don't Skip Special Levels

Every once in a while, I get offered to play special levels. They mostly come at a very random time in the game but I always get offered to play these levels whenever the Next button turns violet. 

Never skip special levels whenever they are offered as they feature rewards that will help you in the next few levels. While failing these special levels doesn't have that much impact on the game, there are still a lot of freebies that I get to unlock if ever I do get to finish them. 

Boosters in this game are already expensive so I'll take all the options to get them for free.

Get to Know Boosters

Playing the game and matching different tiles to create combos can only do so much. There will be times when I feel like there's no more room for me to work on and would either restart the entire level or give up. 

Baby Manor - How to Get Bottles
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Thankfully, there are boosters in the game that can be used to help me in the game. Some of these boosters include rockets which clear a line of tiles. Rockets can be achieved after matching four tiles. 

Meanwhile, bombs can be acquired after clearing five tiles and can be used to remove all tiles within a 3x3 block. There are a lot of boosters that can be used in the game but it will still require you to match tiles before you can use them. 

Use them sparingly or you can use them together to amplify their effect on the board.

Don't Rely Too Much on Boosters

Playing with boosters does help you clear a match rather quickly but one major mistake that many new players make is they often rely too much on boosters. While they can help you achieve success in the game, relying on them to complete each level can be risky. 

What happens if you don't get any combo on the first few tries in each level so you end up clearing basic tiles for the rest of the game? Make sure to focus on clearing four or more tiles first before you begin to rely on boosters to help you in the game. 

They are called boosters because they help you win but they are also not the only way to win the game.

Replay the Same Level

There will be times in the game that I won't be able to progress as the level seems to be very difficult to solve

Baby Manor - How to Get Bottles
Image Source: AppsMeNow

I don't want to use up all of my Hearts just in case but if I do get stuck trying to finish a certain level, what I usually do is log off from the game and try again the next day. 

This gives me a fresh new perspective on the game and oftentimes, a new set of tiles on the board. 

Try to replay the same level after 24 hours and see if you have a new take on your strategy.

Get Extra Moves

Whenever I do feel stuck on the same level, I also try to use some of my resources such as gold coins to purchase extra moves. 

Having extra moves means I have more leeway to make some mistakes and experiment a little bit. 

While this is a great option for those who have collected enough gold coins in the game, try not to abuse this and avoid making a habit of buying extra moves or you'll run the risk of depleting your resources very quickly.

Don't Forget to Finish Quests and Earn Baby Bottles

Baby Manor is not all about finishing each level. There are also other game modes that everyone can enjoy. Remember when I said that there are certain objectives that you need to complete before each level? 

Baby Manor - How to Get Bottles
Image Source: APKMODY

Some quests give out rewards in the game whenever you finish them. Baby bottles are just one of the many currencies used in the game. 

These are often used to purchase furniture to complete your home as part of the gameplay of Baby Manor. Complete quests as much as you can to earn as many bottles as possible. 

Use these bottles to pick the best furniture so you can start building your perfect home. 

Double the Bottles You Earn by Watching Ads

Taking care of the baby's needs is crucial in Baby Manor. You will need to provide a good home for your child so building your home from scratch should be one of your goals. Furniture and other items can be purchased using baby bottles. 

Every once in a while, I also encounter a pop-up that provides an option for me to watch an ad. One good reason to tap into this option and spend a good few seconds watching ads is to gain rewards. 

These rewards can include bottles and even more gold coins. You can then add the baby bottles you've earned from watching ads to your pool and begin upgrading your house. 


Baby Manor is a fun puzzle game that incorporates family simulation gameplay and a little bit of home design. Where else can you play a puzzle game while also trying to build a home for your family? Hopefully, the tips I've mentioned above will be helpful to your success.

Check out Baby Manor on the Google Play Store or the App Store and download the game today.