Detective Pikachu Switch - Everything to Know About the Release

Detective Pikachu will soon make it's first appearance on the Switch, following it's theatrical debut earlier this year. Hoping to improve Switch's version and game's overall experience, Creatures Inc. is expanding its team in preparation for a brand-new release.

In 2016 Detective Pikachu brought his sleuthing skills back in the 3DS until more than three years later that the crime-solver made a big-screen debut earlier this year with the first live-action Pokémon film. 


The Pokémon Corporation now wants to introduce the coffee-loving character to the newest console of Nintendo. Do you want to know more about the upcoming release? Check out this blog now! 

Detective Pikachu Switch - Everything to Know About the Release
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Detective Pikachu 2 was revealed soon after the release of the movie. The Detective Pikachu video game story, which inspired the blockbuster film, will reach it's conclusion on a new platform.

Pokémon fans have speculations on what to expect from the story of the game. Rumors have it that the sequel will end the narrative of the original game. It's worth remembering, too, that this will depart from what's happening in the recently released movie.


Detective Pikachu and Tim Goodman

In Ryme City, Tim is looking for his missing father, but finds a witty, tough-talking Pikachu instead! Experience over 150 fun-filled animated cutscenes along the way starring this unique Pikachu, providing helpful hints or talking up a storm. 

Gathering testimonies, uncovering information, and interacting with Pokémon to solve cases as you investigate crime scenes. You'll have to test your detective skills to foil the mastermind behind the Ryme City upheavals. 


They haven't yet revealed the set gameplay for the Detective Pikachu 2, but since it will serve as the original version's sequel, it will have the same gameplay, or it will be similar.


If you have seen the movie, you'll be familiar with an adventure game's overall atmosphere where players control Tim Goodman as he and Detective Pikachu work together to solve various mysteries. 

Most tasks are done by walking around scenes, finding potential clues, and talking to people and Pokémon to reveal new information.

Release Date 

Detective Pikachu Switch - Everything to Know About the Release
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The initial version of the game, named Great Detective Pikachu: New Duo Birth, was released on February 3, 2016, at the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan.

This version of the game was removed from the eShop in Japan on January 12, 2018. On that same day, it was revealed that an updated version of the game, named Detective Pikachu, was scheduled for a worldwide physical release of Nintendo 3DS on March 23, 2018.

This iteration of the game featured nine-story chapters, as opposed to the original release's three. The game was indeed successful and has come a long way for it's sequel. Detective Pikachu 2 is currently marked off for a release this year, 2020, with no official day or month to go with it.

Based on how fast the new game can turn around and the lack of Nintendo clues, some might think it's a 3DS version port with additional content. It's safe to say that with the filming of Detective Pikachu 2, it is unlikely to be entirely a port and a new adventure, as they are closely linked together. 


There are no special editions or pre-order bonuses, as it has no official launch date or even any official information yet! So while you wait for the newest version to be released, you can get your copy of Detective Pikachu by visiting the Nintendo site, and it is also available on Amazon.